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Senate Committee Successfully Verifies All Bobulinski Materials Reviewed To Date

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has been able to0 verify all the documents from whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, they have reviewed so far. That knocks the crap out of the lies coming from the Democrats and the media. They claim that it is Russian disinformation. They know it’s a lie, that’s why neither Biden nor his campaign are willing to deny a single word.

The press is careful not to ask Biden any embarrassing questions. And if a reporter does ask one, Biden immediately jumps down their throat. The last thing he wants is to have to lie about anything that can be proven false before the election. He is now forced to win the election to stay out of prison. Otherwise, he could be facing prosecution.

Committee Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson will not call Bobulinski to testify before the committee before the election. They still have much information they need to verify before then. But, they will call him before Biden will be inaugurated. Unless of course he has a fatal accident. That could set up an impeachment vote shortly after he takes office.

But, here’s the problem for Biden. If he refuses to press the issues the progressives want, they could vote to impeach him in order to Make the Senate’s most liberal member as president. After the election, Biden is expendable. The Democrats will claim they are taking the high road.

From The Daily Caller

The information has to be verified, as it is subject to the same false information to Congress laws that verbal or written testimony does. However, a Johnson spokesperson told the Caller that all the material provided by Bobulinski that has been reviewed so far has turned out to be legitimate. The committee has “also” not come across any “signs” or evidence to suggest the content is false, the spokesperson added.

Bobulinski, who said Tuesday he believes “Joe Biden and the Biden family are compromised” in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, has turned over evidence to the FBI alleging he met twice in the past with the former vice president in regards to business with his son Hunter. The Biden family has not yet disputed this information.

Sen Johnson has interviewed Bobulinski, whom he hopes to testify before the committee soon. For his part, Bobulinski says that he welcomes the opportunity to testify. But unless the president wins reelection, they had better finish their work before Biden gets sworn in . And I suggest they keep any original documents out of the hands of anyone who can destroy it.

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