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Senator Joe Manchin Says Capitol Riot Reason He Refuses To Vote to End Filibuster Rule [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has received more hateful commentaries online by the leftist Woke Supremacy after he firmly stated that he will not vote to end the filibuster and his explanation is that the January 6 riot at the US Capitol is what changed his thinking.

On Thursday, during an interview with CNN, Manchin, 73, explained how the Capitol riot changed his mind.

“January 6 changed me. I never thought in my life, I never read in history books to where our form of government had been attacked, at our seat of government, which is Washington, DC, at our Capitol, by our own people,” Manchin said.

“So, something told me, ‘Wait a minute, pause. Hit the pause button.’ Something’s wrong. You can’t have this many people split to where they want to go to war with each other,” he added.


Those people did not want to go to war with each other. They were frustrated to the max. They just wanted what they knew was a rigged election fixed. You cannot expect people to watch a presidential election get stolen the way it was from President Donald Trump, have the Fake News media refer to any calls for investigations into mountains of credible evidence of election fraud as spreading disinformation and misinformation, and then watch the tech tyrants of social media censor any speech about election fraud issues without getting angry. Up to that point, those people had put up with non-stop attacks for over four years. They watched their president be impeached twice over things he did not do. Those people felt that they did everything by the book, they followed every rule, every law, and they were crapped on every time. That frustration comes from being picked on by tyrants too long. It was Joe Manchin’s party that broke rules and laws for four years to get rid of one man who stood in their way of turning America into a utopian heaven on earth that they would rule in a brave new world.

Manchin’s vote has become a drag against the schemes of the most radical Democrats in the Senate. Because the Senate is split 50/50 between Democrats and Republicans, and his fellow Democrats want to push through legislation without any resistance, Manchin is standing in the way of getting the Democrats’ mission of destroying our country going on steroids.

At this point, all they need is one Democrat to cave on any bill and they would lose. Democrats don’t like to lose. They don’t like to meet on common ground either. Bipartisanship to Democrats means the Republicans cave and let them have what they want. Democrats like a rigged system. It’s what they always try to do. To end the filibuster rule which forces both parties to come together to find common ground in order to pass legislation, Democrats would need Manchin’s support.

Democrats who are trying to end the filibuster are openly saying that they do not represent all Americans who live in their states and/or districts, only Democrats.

“I’m not killing the filibuster. I’ve been very, very clear,” he said to CNN. Manchin has been clear about this, so clear that I feared he was lying about it. He said all along he would not support ending the filibuster, so I don’t understand why the party faithful are having a conniption fit.

Some on the left lashed out at Manchin for not supporting the effort to pass liberal legislation without some support from Republicans.

Failed congressional candidate Chunk Yogurt of The Young Turks on social media had a typical libtard reaction:

“Joe Manchin is the most deeply dishonest man in America. He’s now saying the Capitol riot changed him and that’s why he’s blocking all Democratic legislation. What? What an absurd bullshit claim! No, you’re blocking it on behalf of your corporate donors. Ask him about the donors!”

The Meathead, Rob Reiner, also chimed in with his anger that the Democrats can’t go Soviet Politburo in the US Senate.

“Passing legislation that is supported by the vast majority of the American people should not rely on courting Republican Senators who stand for nothing but obstructionism and White Supremacy,” he added.

At least Joe Manchin is sticking to his principles. They are trying to wear him down, and who knows, maybe they will. But for now, the senator from West Virginia seems to be the only rational thinking member of the Senate Democrats.

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