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Sen. Berger Tells Press ‘We Don’t Need A Poll To Tell Us What Parents Want’

Gender Wars!

North Carolina General Assembly President Pro Tempore Republican Senator Phil Berger released a statement to the press on Monday that is not what the Marxist left wants to hear.

The news from Berger comes at the same time that radical Marxist Hillary Clinton warned the Democrat party that they are doing going to do well at the voting booth if the party keeps pushing gender issues- because the public is sick of hearing about gender issues.

And she may be on to something according to the Berger.

From the press release:

ICYMI: Most North Carolinians Support “Parents’ Bill of Rights” Curriculum Ban on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity
Raleigh, N.C. – A new WRAL/SurveyUSA poll shows broad support for legislation prohibiting sexual orientation or gender identity from being taught to our state’s youngest students.

According to the poll, 58% of North Carolina adults said they support legislation to ban the teaching of sexual orientation or gender identity for students in kindergarten through third grade, and 45% said they strongly support a ban. Fifty-eight percent of parents surveyed expressed support for the legislation.

The poll results reflect the popularity of the “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” which passed the Senate earlier this month. The bill would, among other things, prohibit instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity as a part of the curriculum in kindergarten through third grade.

“We don’t need a poll to know that North Carolinians want our children to focus on the basics in the classroom,” Republican Senate Leader Phil Berger told WRAL in a statement on Friday. “What this poll confirms is that people understand that the subjects of gender identity and sexual orientation are not appropriate for our youngest and most impressionable students. The Parents’ Bill of Rights has broad public support and should become law.”

According to the Carolina Journal here is a timeline about the Parents Bill Of Rights:

Parents’ Bill of Rights passed the N.C. Senate on Wednesday, June 1, in a mostly party-line vote after lawmakers clashed over what the bill would mean for families.

Republican supporters say the measure, a committee substitute for House Bill 755, is needed to protect children and ensure that parents have knowledge about what their kids are being taught in public schools. Democrats, on the other hand, claim the bill would create a discriminatory environment against LGBTQ youth.

Moments after the bill passed 28-18, protesters began shouting from the Senate gallery, “We’re here; we’re queer; we’re not going anywhere.” The Senate suspended session until the galleries could be cleared of the protesters.

Every Republican present voted for the bill, joined by one Democrat, Sen. Ben Clark of Cumberland County. The remaining Democrats voted no.

The part of the bill that has drawn the most heated debate directs that issues like gender identity and sexual orientation may not be a part of the official curriculum until after third grade. There would be no ban on incidental discussion of the topic in lower grades, but official curriculum may not address those issues, under the bill.

More broadly speaking, the measure would affirm a set of parental rights, including the right to direct the education of their child and access to healthcare records. The measure also establishes a parent’s right to request information about what their child is learning in school, including lessons, textbooks, tutoring services, and other details about how their child and their school are operating.

Parents would additionally be informed of any health-care services their child receives, including any changes to their child’s physical or mental health, and whether their child requests a change in their name or pronouns.

The left in the NC general assembly is just miserable about schools recognizing parents’ rights over their children:

Last week a group of determined protestors from NC Equality showed up with what was reported as ‘dozens’ of protestors to stand against Parent’s rights.

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Cultural Marxism, grassroots activism, music, IndyCar racing and political campaigns.  @Saorsa1776

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