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Security Cam Photo of Armed Robbery Suspect Identified By His Mother Who Forced Him To Turn Himself In To Police

There is only one real constant in the universe. No, it’s not death or taxes. I’m talking about a true constant that exists in every country, in every city, in every neighborhood, in every family, in every culture and among every walk of life. Thaaaaat’s right! Your mother knows everything you do, even when you think there’s no way she possibly can. Trust me. She knows.

A Chicago-area mom taught her college student son the biggest life lesson at a young enough age that maybe the knucklehead will straighten himself out while there’s still time.

A suspect wanted for armed robbery was captured by police because his mother knew it was him in photographs that were released by law enforcement. The guy was wearing a face covering, and she knew. And she forced the young man to turn himself in to the cops.

I’m serious, guys. You may think you got over on her a lot when you were growing up because your mom never caught you. I say, your mother knew every time you did something. It’s just that sometimes over the years, she let you get away with it. That’s because if she let you know she nailed you every time, it would have eventually given away her superpower.

A sophomore at Loyola University Chicago, 18-year-old Zion Brown was charged with an armed robbery for robbing a train conductor while he was heading to

Officials said that the young man robbed a train conductor for Chicago’s commuter train last Tuesday and allegedly pointed a handgun at the man’s stomach. He allegedly stole $100 from the conductor. Video footage from a surveillance camera shows Brown carrying the gun as he was leaving the train platform while the poor conductor was still raising his hands in the air.

After committing the felony, Brown simply went to class.

Imagine that. He woke up, got a shower, brushed his teeth, grabbed his books, robbed a train conductor, and made it to school on time. Impressive in the underworld, I guess.


See, this poor slob didn’t know about a mom’s superpower. Every mother has a thing about her children. A mother knows what every expression on her cub’s face means. You could be doing your level best to not make a facial expression at all, and your mother will spot it, anyway. It’s an uncanny thing. I think God gave this gift to mothers because, let’s face it; all of us have needed our mother’s wrath at one point or another growing up. And if these wonderful lionesses allowed us cubs live to be adults, we can all look back on those times our mother caught us when we thought we were home free and that’s when we realize her interventions spared us from choosing a bad path that even she couldn’t prevent.

I feared my mother more than my father because I figured out the gift when I was young. Imagine the torment of a young man knowing about the superpower and realizing there was nothing he could do to get around it. Growing up with that knowledge was tough.

On the day the conductor was robbed, Brown’s mother caught some of the surveillance photographs of the robbery suspect the police provided for the community that was shown by the local media. She instantly knew it was her son and instantly drove him to the police station in Calumet City and made him surrender himself over to police, according to CWB Chicago.

Brown admitted to the robbery in court and told the judge he did the crime because he was hungry and he needed money to get something to eat. His mother probably told him to eat something before he left for school, but did he listen?

Brown told the court the gun was a BB gun that he threw away in a dumpster after he robbed the conductor.

At his bond hearing, Brown’s lawyer played the sympathy card and asked Cook County Judge Maryam Ahmad to remember her days as a college student when she might have been hungry and realized she had no money for food.

From all accounts of those who were there, the judge was so astonished by the attempt at rationalizing robbing a man at gunpoint and taking money because he was hungry that she granted the state’s request and ruled no bail. The judge replied that if she had been hungry as a college student, she most certainly wouldn’t have robbed someone to get money.

The fact that Brown has no criminal history makes a ruling of no bail quite unusual. I bet the judge is a mom.


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