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Secretary of DHS Mayorkas Said ‘Dignity’ of Foreign Migrants (Rather Than American Citizens) Is ‘Foremost in Our Efforts’ [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has said it will place the “dignity” of foreign migrants “foremost in our efforts,” according to the agency chief Alejandro Mayorkas who said that an audience of leftist (probably open borders) lawyers on Tuesday.

Mayorkas characterized himself as the champion protector for the still unknown number of foreigners who want to come into the United States, saying:

“I want to read to you, as my final words, a note that we received at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, to speak of the impact on an individual to communicate what we can do to ensure that throughout our actions, we recognize and respect the dignity of every individual, and what it means to administer the rule of law in the best traditions of our country, and in adherence to the principles of our Constitution.

‘Dear Mrs. Officer, I want to inform you that I received a letter of approval in regards for my application in this great humanitarian country. Madam, I want to thank you, and thank this great nation, for giving me a chance to find a refuge for my life  … May God bless you for being my guardian angel. And may God bless America for saving me.'”

This egghead said that the benefit granted to the migrant represents “the fundamental principle of dignity and the rule of law as an instrument deliberate,” in his last sentence.


We still have yet to hear him mention any proposals for that “instrument deliberate” being used to raise the dignity of American citizens. In fact, they get the opposite as millions of Americans will learn the indignity of losing their jobs to migrants, some legal and most illegal, as they flood them into the country for their votes.

Mayorkas back in April let in about 90,000 so-called “economic” migrants on top of the 1 million legal immigrants and 2 million migrant visa workers, all of who take jobs away from Americans because they will do it for less money. Either that or the government gives incentives for businesses to hire migrants. Who are we kidding? There’s no such thing as illegal aliens anymore. The Biden administration is letting most of them into the interior of the country as they wait for an immigration hearing where 0 percent of them ever show up. It’s a commonly known de facto amnesty.

Republican lawmakers have yet to question Mayorkas about the impact of his policies on American workers and their families. This is either because they know that small businesses want the cheaper labor or they fear reprisals of being labeled a racist if they oppose giving American jobs to foreigners who are being allowed in to vote for Democrats.

Mayorkas tried to virtue signal to the very people his policies will screw over. In the speech he talked about how he was shocked while visiting a migrant camp in Kenya back in 2010 where he saw thousands of destitute migrants from the war-torn country of Somalia:

“And I returned to the States asking a lot of fundamental questions, certainly about whether we could define ourselves as a civilized world or not, but also asking questions about myself … and the question of identity became much more profoundly important to me as an individual, as a son, as a brother, and as a father, and husband. But it also became very important to me, as a leader of an organization. And the issue of identity became the central question when we were wrestling with policy issues.

When we consider a particular policy question before us, doesn’t the answer help define our identity? Who we are, and more importantly, who we want to be?”

He acts as if third-world counties in Central and South America got that way because of the United States and therefore we owe them all a living. Meanwhile, it’s for the votes!

To enter his current office, Mayorkas took an oath swearing to support and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. The more important point here is that part of that oath is where he said he will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, meaning he swears to uphold and defend the US Constitution and be faithful and devoted to that endeavor. So far his actions and words since taking the oath seem like he only took the oath as a lighthearted formality to get the job. He doesn’t take it seriously.

Border guards may injure the dignity of migrants if the “articulation of ideologies of hate” is targeted at migrants, Mayorkas said. “We have a responsibility to make sure that that integrity is unencroached and has the confidence of the public,” he added.

“Even in the battle against COVID, issues of dignity are foremost in our efforts,” he said, as he laid out his conviction to provide taxpayer-funded aid to migrants regardless of legal status in the US. Federal agencies “have gone into those communities and ensured our accessibility to those communities to ensure that not only our efforts but their needs receive the dignity they deserve,” he said.

Mark Krikorian is the director for the Center for Immigration Studies who said that Mayorkas doesn’t believe himself to be an American but as Barack Obama used to say, as a citizen of the world.

“He just does not consider himself to have any greater responsibility to his own country [than to other countries] …  It’s fundamentally contrary to the Constitution and to the idea of democratic governance, but it’s a consistent worldview. It is just not one that the people running a Republic have any business having.”

In the best description of how most Americans think, Krikorian said, “Most people see themselves as having a variety of obligations that spread out from their family. They have a greater obligation to their own family members than to their neighbors, a greater obligation to their neighbors than to strangers in their own country, a greater obligation to their countrymen — whether they know them personally or not — then to foreigners. That kind of hierarchy of obligations is just taken for granted by most people because it’s common sense.

“The post-American perspective that Mayorkas exemplifies — but that really dominates this administration and most of the left at this point, and some of the right — is that there is no special obligation to your own country. They may even accept the idea that you have more responsibility to your own family members than to people who are strangers, but not that we as Americans have a responsibility to each other that is in any way different from the responsibility we have to people in Uruguay or Yemen.”

When you think about it, the director for the Center for Immigration Studies basically described Trump’s America First doctrine where we take care of ourselves first and then the rest of the world. It is the antithesis of Marxist globalist policies. Mayorkas seems to favor globalist policies that do nothing more than drain America’s treasury and make other countries dependent on the US to take care of all the world’s ills but for their benefit and not ours.

What Alejandro Mayorkas believes is un-American and unpatriotic.

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