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Second Circuit Rules Against NY Governor Cuomo Making the 3rd Loss in Court Over Draconian Dictates To Houses of Worship

"Andrew Cuomo - Caricature" by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The US Second Circuit has ruled in favor of the Diocese of Brooklyn and the Orthodox Jewish group Agudath Israel in their case seeking to throw out the dictatorial mandates of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the tyrant who loves to force occupancy limits on churches and other houses of worship.

If you’ve been keeping up, then you know this is Cuomo’s third loss in court.

This latest setback for the governor came from a 3-0 decision by the Second Circuit that blocked his restrictions where he attacked worshipers’ capacity with a limit of 10 people in red zones and 25 in orange zones.

I’m sorry, but I never saw the part in the Constitution, specifically in the First Amendment, where it says that a pandemic gives a governor the right to violate Freedom of Religion.  I guess Cuomo must have one of those progressive Bibles.

Circuit Judge Michael Park said in the court’s ruling, “no public interest is served by maintaining an unconstitutional policy.”

There is no other way to see this ruling than as a scathing rebuke of the governor’s actions, and anyone else after receiving such an admonition after a third loss in the courts would rethink their strategy and more-than-likely give it up.  But Cuomo gave up caring about what decent people think of him a long time ago.  Like all progressives, Andrew Cuomo will keep trying to remove the people’s rights like a terminator who cant be bargained with, cant be reasoned with, and doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and he absolutely will not stop, ever, until he gets his way.

Cuomo’s first loss in court came on June 26 when US District Judge Gary Sharpe ruled that the governor overstepped his authority by putting restrictions on people of faith while at the same time he allowed – nay – condoned protests, all of which turned into riots and looting in New York City.

You would think he would get the message after a judge told him that he doesn’t have the authority to put limits on worshipers, but no one ever said Andrew was bright.  In fact, I don’t believe he has ever uttered a word that would force the listener to go run for a dictionary.

If you thought that ruling would have stopped him, think again.  Back in October, Cuomo once again set limits on the religious freedoms of New Yorkers when he issued orders to cap the number of people allowed to be inside a house of worship between 10 or 25 people.

On November 25, the Supreme Court stepped in and ordered a temporary injunction against the state enforcing such tyrannical restrictions.  This last ruling by the Second Circuit made the Supreme Court’s ruling all the more demanding.

Here’s what Americans are learning.  If nothing else, COVID taught us that our Founding Fathers created a rule of law that was based on having a moral people elected as representative leaders. We are now finding out the progressives are not moral people, because they don’t care about freedom and liberty and religious rights. They want to control you and they will continue trying until the opposition gives up.

If Cuomo’s actions were a criminal offense, he would have reached the limit of New York’s Habitual Felon Statute that was enacted in 1797, which says that if a felon commits a 4th felony they get life in prison without parole.  Maybe then he would respect people’s rights.  But one never knows if he would ever learn that lesson, because Cuomo’s his lust for power to show he’s the king and everyone else must suffer his bidding can’t be diminished so easily.  It took a District Court, a Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court to tell the governor he is not a king and does not possess the power to punish people any way he sees fit.

This man has to be fought to the very end, and the best revenge his victims, er, New Yorkers can exact against this tyrant is to throw his ass out in his next election attempt.  Just make sure the state doesn’t hire Dominion Voting Systems, because we all know how that will end.

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