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Seattle Radio Host Who Claims Protesters Not Violent Changes Tune After They Burn His Home

ESPN radio host Paul Gallant mocked President Trump on Twitter after the president complained about Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan allowed anarchists to seize control of the city. Gallant answered his tweet saying that he had walked around the protests and had not seen a bit of violence.

He is now eating his words after the rioters burned a Starbucks Coffee store. The fire also affected the apartments above Starbucks including the one where Gallant lives.   This comes after Gallant answered Trump’s tweet by saying he did not see any burning, pillaging or deaths.



That particular Starbucks had apartments above the store and police told residents, including Gallant that they would have to stay away from their apartments because antifa may have planted explosives inside the store. Gallant changed his tune real quick after that.

He called the rioters a**holes and is contemplating buying a gun as the following tweets indicate.


Then people began finding his old tweets and began riding him unmercifully. Being a true liberal, Gallant said he stood by his previous tweet that there was no looting or pillaging in the Chaz/CHOP zone. That’s the zone where people were shot three days in a row and local residents complained about rapes, robbery and the extortion of local businesses.



  1. Bryan Hendrix

    July 27, 2020 at 8:54 am

    Good Morning Steve Ahle, thanks for the news story and the reminder of “you can’t fix stupid”. You surmise – ‘it is poetic justice’ … I surmise or assess, “Karma”!

  2. Steven M Thompson

    July 27, 2020 at 11:08 am

    Paul Gallant, you must fill like the biggest idiot in the world. You and Jerry Nadler both claiming, “There’s no violence here, just people peacefully protesting”. Maybe it is just being a very hypocritical person like the City Council in Minnesota who are canceling the police and paying for private security with government funds.

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