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Seattle Protesters Occupy Jail Lobby, Deny Entrance to Media

Protesters got out of their cars on Highway 99 near downtown Seattle on Wednesday morning and stopped traffic for over 15 minutes.

Demonstrations continued to Harborview Medical Center, and then to the King County Jail. Dozens of protesters marched into the jail and were stopped by security in the lobby. Their efforts closed the jail’s public entrance for several hours.

When a Komo News reporter approached the public entrance doors, one protestor closed the door on him and asked those inside, “Hey, do you want Kiro filming?”

“No, f*** them,” can be heard coming from the lobby. The protester obeyed the anonymous command, shoved his hand toward the camera in an attempt to block footage, and forced the journalist away from the entrance.

Komo News journalist Jonathan Choe posted the video to Twitter with the caption “HARASSED: All media being blocked from recording protesters at King Co. Jail.”

When the protesters left later in the day, they left behind them graffiti on the building’s walls and doors. Video footage shows messages like “Free them all!”, “No good cops,” and “You bouta lose your job.”

Choe also recorded many attempts to interview protesters, all of which were met with hands and umbrellas being shoved toward the camera to prevent recording. Choe reported that protesters refused to answer questions.

Other footage caught showed protesters yelling “Go home, white boy!” as a patrol car passed on the street:

According to the Seattle Police Department, no arrests were made in Wednesday’s demonstrations.

Steven Manning, a local worker interviewed by Komo, told Choe, “Our policy makers are allowing mayhem to win.”

“I think that they’ve lost the meaning of what this is all about,” said Cheryl Bond, another worker in the area.

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