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Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Resigns Following City Council Vote to Defund Police

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best resigned last night after the city council voted to cut the budget for the police.

In all fairness, the had to cut the police budget.

They had already placed a permanent stand-down order on the police and refused to prosecute the few rioters they actually arrested.

The only way they could possibly improve life for the thugs on the street is to cut down what little law enforcement that there was.

The vote was 7-1 for the cuts, but before you get ready the praise the one no voter, you should no because she wanted to cut even more money.

You can’t blame Best for quitting. She was about the only person in Seattle that was actually trying to do their job and do it right. She has not been pleased with either the mayor or the city council, as they allowed Seattle to become a fifth world country.

Best explained her decision to her police officers:

“It was a difficult decision for me, but when it’s time, it’s time. I am confident the department will make it through these difficult times. You truly are the best police department in the country, and please trust me when I say, the vast majority of people in Seattle support you and appreciate you.”

The city of Seattle has been in turmoil ever since the riots began mostly because they have a terrible mayor and governor who allowed the rioters to run wild and do whatever they wanted to. And now it’s too late to rein them in.

Mayor Jenny Durkan and Governor Jay Inslee both criticized President Trump for wanting to interfere with their riots and both will go down in history as , well I’d better not say it because this is a family site.

From The Gateway Pundit

Q13 reports, “the council on Monday approved proposals that would reduce the police department by up to 100 officers through layoffs and attrition. Chief Best was vocal in her oppostion to the cuts, which came after councilmembers pledged to redirect money from SPD to community programs amid calls from protesters in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.”

The budget cut will slash nearly $4 million from the department’s annual budget — and the council members promised to cut even more in 2021. The 7-1 vote faced objections from the city’s police chief, mayor and the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild.

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