Pope Francis Says It’s Okay To Get COVID-19 Vaccine That That Uses Abortion Cell Lines

Pope Francis Says It’s Okay To Get COVID-19 Vaccine That That Uses Abortion Cell Lines

I was born and raised a Catholic.  My parents even sentenced me to 12 years of Catholic school.  I have a pretty good knowledge of the church’s teachings and dogma.  And I can say openly that I believe the current Pope is a Marxist who is working to liberal up the Roman Catholic Church.  Things that Pope Francis has done and said have affected me so much that I no longer go to Catholic mass.  I now go to a Charismatic Church that has nothing to do with the Catholic Church.  Way to go, Supreme Pontiff.

On Monday, the Vatican declared that it is “morally acceptable” for Roman Catholics to get vaccinated for COVID-19 based on research that used cells derived from aborted fetuses to make the vaccine.  This guidance came after some clergy in the United States argued that such products were immoral.

Anything that has to do with the murder of unborn children has always been an abomination to the Roman Catholic Church.  Until now, I suppose.

The Vatican’s watchdog for doctrinal orthodoxy is called the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and they said it has received several requests for “guidance” during the recent months of the pandemic.  The Congregation revealed that bishops, Catholic groups, and experts have offered “diverse and sometimes conflicting pronouncements” on the issue at hand.

The Catholic Church’s teaching says abortion is a mortal sin.  The Catholic Church has always asserted that every abortion is evil, teaching that the Catechism of the Catholic Church declares “has not changed and remains unchangeable.”  Until now, I suppose.

Folks, this isn’t just a Democrat politician who claims to be a Catholic, like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Joe Biden who support abortion, this is the Pope!

So, the Vatican has deemed that “it is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses” in production process when “ethically irreproachable” vaccines aren’t available to the public.  However, the Vatican stressed that the “licit” uses of said  vaccines “does not and should not in any way imply that there is a moral endorsement of the use of cell lines proceeding from aborted fetuses.”

That’s the first step to changing the Church’s stance on abortion, mark my words.

The Vatican explained in a statement that obtaining vaccines that do not pose an ethical dilemma is not always possible.  That’s a Marxist argument for the “greater good.”  The Holy See pointed to circumstances in countries “where vaccines without ethical problems are not made available to physicians and patients.” There is also the situation where special storage expectations and/or transport conditions make distribution all the more demanding.

There were echoes of the the pronouncement in a statement from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops that said that “in view of the gravity of the current pandemic and the lack of availability of alternative vaccines,” receiving the vaccines being distributed in the United States is justified “despite their remote connection to morally compromised cell lines.”

We’re talking about a virus that has a 99.9xxx percent survival rate.

The US Bishops conference officials said that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 “ought to be understood as an act of charity toward the other members of our community.”

A few weeks earlier, two US Bishops in California and Texas respectively, condemned vaccines using cell lines from aborted fetuses as immorally manufactured.  One of them said he refused to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and encouraged his Catholic flock to do the same.

To reassure Catholics that getting the vaccine wouldn’t violate the church’s moral teachings the Vatican cited that “health authorities do not allow citizens to choose the vaccine with which to be inoculated.”  Well, maybe they should.  Is this a First Amendment issue?   The Vatican went even further to declare that it is morally acceptable to get vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses.

And how much are we to take seriously the politicians who are saying that even after vaccinated you must still wear masks and adhere to local social distancing policies?  So, that means that even if you get the vaccine you still cannot have more than 10-50 people, depending on secular laws in each jurisdiction, congregate in church?  What kind of virus is this that still poses a threat even after being vaccinated?  A political one is the only appropriate response.

Media Attempts to Twist the Narrative of Pope Francis’ New Book

Media Attempts to Twist the Narrative of Pope Francis’ New Book

In a year where chaos, fear and hopelessness have become ingrained in our daily lives, Pope Francis has taken initiative to provide courage, unity and hope to people across the globe.

The Pope’s new book, Let Us Dream, is a compilation of the Pope’s thoughts on how the world can move forward and heal better than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit full swing. The Pope discussed topics such as the toppling of statues in an attempt to rewrite history, abortion, persecuted religious minorities, and other topics and his thoughts on how to address them.

This is wonderful action on the part of the Pope. One of the most prominent religious figures in the world has written a book providing biblical and practical advice on how the world can move forward and unite after all the trials we have faced. While it certainly will not be the magic cure for all the evil in the world, it is a welcome step in the right direction.

However, the NBC Today show’s Anne Thompson went on air on Tuesday and part of her segment in an attempt to twist the Pope’s novel about hope and reconciliation into an anti-Trump and pro-social justice manifesto.

Thompson spoke with British author Austen Ivereigh, the Pope’s collaborator for the book, about the Pope’s thoughts on the issues contained in the book. However, she asked questions that specifically asked if the Pope opposed Trump’s policies on climate change and whether or not the Pope supported the Black Lives Matter movement. Ivereigh diverted from giving too much credence to the questions and tried to keep the dialogue focused on what the book contained.

While it is old news that the Left often attempts to manipulate any bit of news to fit the narrative they want to push, this is an exceptionally discouraging event.

The world has experienced a level of division and chaos not seen in quite some time. We need healing and solutions to our division more so than ever, and we can not afford to twist them into narratives that fit a certain political agenda. However, the left seems intent on sowing more discord in an order to gain power and to control the narrative about the world.

It is sad to see that they are squashing hope and solutions with their actions. Hopefully, the Pope’s message will continue to spread, regardless of how much the media tries to distort it.

Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions in New Documentary

Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions in New Documentary

In a new documentary that premiered this week, Pope Francis made a controversial endorsement of civil unions laws for homosexual couples.

“Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family,” Francis said in the documentary. “They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out, or made miserable because of it.”

“What we have to create is a civil union law,” he continued. That way they are legally covered.”

His comments have made waves in religious circles, and there is much disagreement about whether or not Francis’ comments undermine the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality. While they do not change the Catholic doctrine that marriage is strictly defined as the union between one man and one woman, many are saying they mark a shift in the Vatican’s language.

Reverend James Martin, a Catholic priest who has been at the forefront of reconciliation between the Church and the LGBTQ community, called Francis’s comments “a major step forward in the church’s support for LGBT people.”

Similarly, in an interview with NPR, Father Bryan Massingale, an openly gay Catholic priest, celebrated the pope’s comments about “family rights”: “I was actually very excited and even jubilant I have to say. I was very, very pleased to hear the Pope make this kind of endorsement of civil unions for gay and lesbian persons.”

The Catholic News Agency, on the other hand, called the remarks “a shift from the perspectives of his predecessors”, namely Popes Benedict XVI and John Paul II, who guided the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith that states:

“…respect for homosexual persons cannot lead in any way to approval of homosexual behaviour or to legal recognition of homosexual unions. The common good requires that laws recognize, promote and protect marriage as the basis of the family, the primary unit of society.”

Matt Frad, an Australian Catholic author whose podcast “Pints with Aquinas” receives hundreds of thousands of downloads every month, spoke on behalf of traditional Catholics in a Youtube video addressing the Pope’s comments:

“We think he says things that are massively unhelpful and then doesn’t clarify them,” Frad said. “When you get ambiguous claims at best, which then are never clarified, it’s frustrating, especially as we seek to make Christ’s last commandment our first priority.”

“Maybe a libertarian case can be made for civil unions among homosexuals,” Frad continued, “but when you say stuff like this, the way the world hears you is, ‘Homosexual acts are not disordered and the Catholic Church has changed its opinion on this.'”

“Francesco” is a documentary showcasing the life of Pope Francis and the global political and social issues that the Vatican has faced under his leadership. The director, Evgeny Afineevsky, secured exclusive interviews with Pope Francis for the production of the film.

It premiered at the Rome Film Festival on Wednesday and was awarded the “Kineo Movie for Humanity Award” on Thursday in the Vatican Gardens.

“Francesco” is scheduled to premiere in the United States on October 25th at the Savannah Film Festival.

Former Vatican diplomat calls for Pope Francis to resign, claims he ignored sex abuse allegations

Former Vatican diplomat calls for Pope Francis to resign, claims he ignored sex abuse allegations

A fiery testament published Sunday calls for Pope Francis to step down, alleging that the top Holy see authority was made aware soon after becoming pope in 2013 that the former archbishop of Washington, ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, had engaged in unlawful sexual indiscretions but chose not to act.

It’s not a shocking revelation that sexual abuse happens within the Catholic church. But it is shocking when we find out that the pillar of the Catholic church, Pope Francis knew about it and covered it up.

A fiery testament published Sunday calls for Pope Francis to step down, alleging that the top Holy see authority was made aware soon after becoming pope in 2013 that the former archbishop of Washington, ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, had engaged in unlawful sexual indiscretions but chose not to act.

“My conscience requires me also to reveal facts that I have experienced personally, concerning Pope Francis, that have a dramatic significance,” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 77, wrote in the eleven-page letter, published by the National Catholic Register and LifeSiteNews. “Pope Francis must be the first to set a good example for cardinals and bishops who covered up McCarrick’s abuses and resign along with all of them.”

Viganò, who served as Vatican ambassador to the U.S. from 2011 to 2016, goes on to assert that two former ambassadors wrote to the Vatican in 2000 and 2006 to document that McCarrick had engaged sexually with seminarians and priests. As a Vatican secretariat of state at the time, Viganò advocated that the then-cardinal be penalized.

He also states that around 2009 or 2010, Pope Benedict XVI confidentially imposed sanctions on McCarrick – essentially prohibiting him from public ministry and to carry out a life of prayer and penance – but that Francis then opted to re-instate him, “cover” for him and advance him to the role of a “trusted counselor.”

“The corruption has reached the very top of the Church’s hierarchy,” Viganò wrote, adding that he notified Francis of the allegations against McCarrick after he was elected pope five years ago and alerted him to the instituted sanctions – but his report supposedly fell on deaf ears. “I implore everyone, especially bishops, to speak up in order to defeat this conspiracy of silence that is so widespread, and to report the cases of abuse they know about to the media and civil authorities.”

The Pope says he  “will not say a single word” about this.

UAF Contributor Marie Penetranti

Source: Former Vatican diplomat calls for Pope Francis to resign, claims he ignored sex abuse allegations

Happy Lent!  Now Let’s Fight: Vatican Calls Being Gay A ‘Choice’ As It Says It Won’t Bless Same-Sex Marriage

Happy Lent! Now Let’s Fight: Vatican Calls Being Gay A ‘Choice’ As It Says It Won’t Bless Same-Sex Marriage

After the blessed LGBTQ (plus) political movement to influence public policy and change American culture, there is something new brewing from the Catholic Church.  Now, after forcing changes in societal norms that have been instituted for years the Pope has a message.

After the Catholic Church created political and civil division by attacking the tenets of Western Civilization, the Vatican appears to have reversed its earlier blessings on “gay” marriage, or marriage between people of the same gender and now want to fight about it.

“God does not and cannot bless sin,” Pope of the Catholic church said in a released statement.

The Vatican said Monday that the Catholic Church would not bless same-sex unions, in what CNN called  “a combative statement approved by Pope Francis that threatens to widen the chasm between the church and much of the LGBTQ community

The Pope, who is solidly on the left as the most “Marxist” Pope known, is suspicious. Perhaps he is hopeful to help end the Catholic Church with the forthcoming battle that is anticipated to begin. .”

“Explaining their decision in a lengthy note on Monday, the Holy See referred to homosexuality as a “choice,” described it as sinful and said it “cannot be recognized as objectively ordered” to God’s plans. The stance is certain to disappoint millions of gay and lesbian Catholics around the world. “The blessing of homosexual unions cannot be considered licit,” the Vatican’s top doctrinal office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, wrote in
In the very important season of Lent, the Pope has decided to kick a hornet’s nest that he is partially responsible for building:

According to the AP:

“The Vatican decreed Monday that the Catholic Church won’t bless same-sex unions since God “cannot bless sin.”

The Vatican’s orthodoxy office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issued a formal response Monday to a question about whether Catholic clergy have the authority to bless gay unions. The answer, contained in a two-page explanation published in seven languages and approved by Pope Francis, was “negative.”

The note distinguished between the church’s welcoming and blessing of gay people, which it upheld, but not their unions. It argued that such unions are not part of God’s plan and that any such sacramental recognition could be confused with marriage.”

Defenders of the Pope said that he was not reversing anything.

It is obvious that a battleground is being prepared for some reason because everything the left does is for political dominance, and this Pope has helped to build an LGBTQ army. This announcement should not be view as anything less.  These numbers mean a big fight ahead.

And once again, everyone, everywhere, must stop everything else and focus on the ethical ways of dealing with the tiny percentage of humans who prefer sexual intercourse with members of the same gender.  As if nothing else in the world mattered.

Catholic media outlets and pundits have begun to chime in, in disagreement already, and a full-blown legal fight and domestic upheaval are sure to happen with lots of political theater and protests and the whole play, starting soon.

Consider Catholic Review reported:

“It is not licit to impart a blessing on relationships, or partnerships, even stable, that involve sexual activity outside of marriage — i.e., outside the indissoluble union of a man and a woman open in itself to the transmission of life — as is the case of the unions between persons of the same sex,” the doctrinal office said in an explanatory note accompanying the statement. Pope Francis approved both the statement and the note for publication.

“The Christian community and its pastors are called to welcome with respect and sensitivity persons with homosexual inclinations and will know how to find the most appropriate ways, consistent with church teaching, to proclaim to them the Gospel in its fullness,” the explanatory note said.

The clarification “does not preclude the blessings given to individual persons with homosexual inclinations, who manifest the will to live in fidelity to the revealed plans of God as proposed by church teaching.”

“Rather, it declares illicit any form of blessing that tends to acknowledge their unions as such. In this case, in fact, the blessing would manifest not the intention to entrust such individual persons to the protection and help of God, in a sense mentioned above, but to approve and encourage a choice and a way of life that cannot be recognized as objectively ordered to the revealed plans of God,” said the doctrinal office.

The statement came days before the launch, March 19, of a yearlong reflection on “Amoris Laetitia” that will focus on the family and conjugal love.

The date marks the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” (“The Joy of Love”), which affirmed church teaching on family life and marriage but also underlined the importance of the church meeting people where they are in order to help guide them on a path of discernment and making moral decisions.

Is anyone else longing for “good old days” when men and women loved each other, got married, went to work, raised a family, and enjoyed their lives?  I am.