Joe Biden Refuses to Test Illegals for COVID-19, Now Two Detention Centers Break Out in Unsanitary Conditions

Joe Biden Refuses to Test Illegals for COVID-19, Now Two Detention Centers Break Out in Unsanitary Conditions

Just as conservatives expressed concerns about Joe Biden letting as many illegal aliens into the country as possible, it has been discovered that two detention ce3nters in Texas have been overrun by the virus. The filthy and unsanitary conditions certainly don’t help any. The q1uestion is, how many infected people have been sent across the country and how many more will Biden send? How many will Biden have to kill before he sees the light?

Gov Greg Abbott has ordered an investigation into the detention centers but it may not do any good since Biden probably will refuse to cooperate. I wonder if that is part of Biden’s or his puppet master are sending these illegals to red states in order to kill off Republican voters. I know that sounds farfetched, but why are they not testing illegals when they are caught. How many flare-ups will result because of this?

With 100,000 illegals entering the United States a month, the whole country is rife for renewed COVID-19 pandemic. It is ridiculous that we are not testing incoming illegals for the virus, especially considering that Democratic governors were the architects of the Draconian lockdowns.

Besides the unsanitary conditions at the detention centers, it is also rumored that the drinking water could be bad at the facilities too.

Abbott asked:

“The administration has yet to provide answers that Texans deserve. So far this year, more than 11,000 minors have been apprehended crossing the border into Texas. Children crossing the border rose 60 percent from January to February to more than 9,400 in February.”

“How long will these children be here? What countries have they come from and what COVID variants have they been exposed to, are they being tested for COVID? If so, how is the administration handling those who test positive?”

From OAN News

Border officials have admitted that under the Biden administration, illegal aliens are being released into communities near the southern border without being tested for coronavirus.

Despite Republican-led calls for transparency, Democrats have largely remained silent on the growing crisis.

“America needs to know how these children, some are young children, how they are coming across the border, and who is it that is helping these children come across the border?” Abbott asked. “The Biden administration must also answer for enticing unaccompanied minors into inhumane conditions. Inhumane conditions, that expose these children to traffickers, to abuse and to terror.”

New York State Used Intimidation, Threats, and Deception to Force Employees to Work at COVID-19-Infected Developmentally Disabled Group Homes

New York State Used Intimidation, Threats, and Deception to Force Employees to Work at COVID-19-Infected Developmentally Disabled Group Homes

You had to have wondered how the state of New York was able to fully staff  Development Disability Group Homes where the possibility of catching COVID-19 was always an imminent danger.

As it turns out the state had used gestapo tactics on the workers who gave them problems about working in an infested home where the dangers were high risk.

But the same state officials allowed teacher unions to walk all over them even though school is very low risk.

It is easy to see why that happened. DDGH does not contribute millions upon millions to Democrats, so of course they were ignored.

The teacher’s unions are another bird atogether. They contribute vast sums of money to the Democrats every election.

People would show up for work and then were told they would have to work in a home where COVID-19 infections left them short-handed.

Any protest against obeying them resulted in  fine, reprimand, or threat of termination, the employees said.

Yesterday, Tori Richards at the Washington Examiner, reported that the state of New York had to resort to manipulative techniques to get workers to work at COVID-19-infected developmentally disabled group homes:

The state of New York uses intimidation, threats, and deception to force employees to work at COVID-19-infected group homes for the developmentally disabled, where 552 people have died, four whistleblowers told the Washington Examiner.

Care workers say it’s standard to arrive to work at one of 7,000 group homes, only to be rotated by superiors to another location where a COVID-19 outbreak has left the facility short staffed. Any protest results in a fine, reprimand, or threat of termination, the employees said.

“They used to call us four hours beforehand, and we figured out where they were going to send us, so we’d call in sick,” said one employee who did not want to be identified out of fear of reprisal. “But now, they know we do this and wait until we show up to work, and then they tell you, ‘You’re going to a COVID house.’ This is not what I signed up for, absolutely not. I have a baby at home and need to protect my family.”

New Yorkers Would Have to Flash COVID-19 Passport to Enter Venues Under New Program

New Yorkers Would Have to Flash COVID-19 Passport to Enter Venues Under New Program

New York will be issuing passes that show you have been vaccinated against COVID-19. I find that odd since Nazis usually favor tattooing on the forearm is normally the way they identify people. And you will be forced to show your vaccination pass whenever you visit certain venues including concerts and sporting events.

Without your vaccination passport, you will be refused entry into such events.

Gov Andrew Cuomo unveiled the plan on Wednesday.

The plan is to test the “Excelsior Pass,” which will use secure technology to confirm that the bearer had indeed been given the vaccine. BTW, do not take them up on their offer of a free shower with 50 or 60 of your best friends.

The real question is what venues will not allow you in. Will it include airports? Subways? Other mass transportation?

The pass was tested at Tuesday night’s New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. They are very similar to airline boarding passes and each individual will have a number code which will be used to confirm that the person in possession of the pass did indeed get the vaccination.

Considering the fact that not everyone can even get the vaccine yet, many people will be excluded. All prison inmates will qualify, though!

Cuomo said:

“We’re doing everything we can to vaccinate as many New Yorkers as possible, as quickly as possible, while keeping the infection rate down and re-energizing our economy in a safe, smart way.” 

“The Excelsior Pass will play a critical role in getting information to venues and sites in a secure and streamlined way, allowing us to fast-track the reopening of these businesses and getting us one step closer to reaching a new normal.” 

From The New York Post

MSG Entertainment praised the pilot program, saying, “We applaud Governor Cuomo’s leadership in reopening New York. The Excelsior Pass program, along with his decision to allow venues to begin welcoming fans, will play important roles in helping to get our City back on its feet.”

Last Tuesday, Nets and Knicks fans were able to watch their favorite teams play on the basketball court for the first time in nearly a year.

That was made possible after Cuomo said in early February that large sports and entertainment venues with at least a 10,000-person capacity can reopen with a 10 percent capacity limit starting Feb. 23, and people will only be allowed to enter if they produce a negative COVID-19 test.

Biden’s HHS Pick Dodges Questions About His COVID-19 Nursing Home Scandal

Biden’s HHS Pick Dodges Questions About His COVID-19 Nursing Home Scandal

Joe Biden’s pick for the second in command for the Health and Human Services, (HHS)  Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine, who was born a man but now identifies as a woman.

She faced some really tough questions that she refused to answer. The main one was her mandate that COVID-19 patients be se4nt to nursing homes, resulting 52% of all COVID deaths in Pennsylvania were in nursing homes.

She was also reminded that when it came to elderly care, Pennsylvania ranked 46th out of 50 states. (57 states for you Obamaphiles)   When asked about it, she refused to answer. Is this really someone we want in the very upper echelons of the HHS?

Biden might as well have picked Andrew Cuomo or Gretchen Whitmer.

It is as if the Democrats were ethnically cleansing the elderly and infirm.

I believe Hitler did the same thing.

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) laid out the scandal in his opening remarks at Levine’s confirmation hearing on Thursday:

“Along with testing challenges from last spring, your state failed to adequately protect nursing home residents from the virus and is making unacceptable mistakes in the vaccine distribution process,”

“Pennsylvania ranks as one of the most dangerous states for long-term care residents battling COVID-19. Fifty-two percent of Pennsylvania COVID-19 deaths came from nursing homes, and three in ten of the deadliest facilities in the country were in Pennsylvania. Your state came in 46th in the country in its effort to put safeguards in place that managed the spread of infections in these settings with only 16 percent of the state’s nursing homes receiving infection control inspections that could have saved residents from the spread of COVID-19.”

“While you stated that you relied on federal guidance for nursing home care during the pandemic, the tragic high mortality rate in your state’s nursing homes shows that more was needed [from you] but wasn’t provided. In my state of North Carolina, our health secretary also relied on federal guidance for nursing homes and long-term care settings. In North Carolina, our nursing home mortality rate, while still high, accounts for 36 percent of the deaths in our state. This discrepancy clearly shows that hiding behind federal guidance is no excuse for [not] taking action that protects our most vulnerable.”

The bottom line is we can’t trust Levine to do what is best for this country. Blindly following the liberal ideology is risky under the best circumstances but disastrous in the worst conditions.

I hope at least one Democrat will see this nomination as dangerous to our health.

Fauci Says ‘Politicization’ of Mask Wearing Led To 500k COVID-19 Deaths – Didn’t He First Tell Us Not To Wear Them?

Fauci Says ‘Politicization’ of Mask Wearing Led To 500k COVID-19 Deaths – Didn’t He First Tell Us Not To Wear Them?

No offense, but even Helen Keller could figure out that the COVID-19 virus has been politicized by the Democratic Party for close to a year now.   Even feminist author Naomi Wolf has come out against the Biden administration and the rest of the political Left for turning the US into a totalitarian state right before our eyes.

On Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Reuters that the politicization of wearing masks helped contribute to the nation reaching the grim milestone of over 500,000 deaths, referring to the number “stunning.”  Of course, that’s a lie.

Reuters reported that Fauci “said the pandemic arrived in the United States as the country was riven by political divisions in which wearing a mask became a political statement rather than a public health measure.”

I call bullschtein, because people started wearing masks almost immediately, and they wore them every day when they were outside.  The Fauci/Wuhan virus did not spread because of people not wearing masks.  I believe this is just another evil segment where the “science” useful idiots are pushing a narrative that will allow the government to continue to extend the lockdowns in order to keep control over the American people.

Anthony Fauci is one of the biggest reasons why we are becoming a totalitarian state.  He has changed his mind on so many things over the last year, and all of it going the same way, from the consciousness of liberty to the darkness of totalitarianism.

“Even under the best of circumstances, this would have a been very serious problem,” Fauci told the left-wing Reuters while recognizing that other countries like the United Kingdom and Germany were also crushed by the virus despite stronger public compliance with measures proposed to mitigate the spread. “However, that does not explain how a rich and sophisticated county can have the most percentage of deaths and be the hardest-hit country in the world.”

The infectious disease expert also said it was “incomprehensible” to him that some governors and mayors disregarded the coronavirus task force’s recommendations for reopening last year following lockdowns in the spring.

“When the American spirit is so divided, that really, really made me sad,” Fauci said.

Who is this guy kidding?  He did everything he could to divide the country.  His recommendations always ended up by supporting the suspension of our Bill of Rights.  Many Americans do not like having their liberties taken away from them, and therefore divide themselves from the tyrants who do.

Fauci then went on to say that while America’s fight to combat the COVID-19 struggles it cannot all be blamed on former President Donald Trump, “the lack of involvement at the very top of the leadership in trying to do everything that was science-based was clearly detrimental to the effort.”

I would blame none of it on Donald Trump, as he handled this pandemic better than any past president.  In fact, this little troll said on more than one occasion that President Trump went with every recommendation that the science people told him.

The number of lies about how Trump handled the pandemic told by the mainstream news media and by Democrats and their operatives was staggering.  On one side we watched as Trump did everything he could and then some including having two vaccines created in under a year, and Fauci stood by daily and allowed it to go on unless it happened when he was in front of the president at the time.

Fauci has been criticized for his mixed-up messaging on wearing masks after the task force initially told Americans not to wear them when the coronavirus first hit American shores before reversing course entirely and calling for everyone to wear facial coverings.  It took a little time for the Democratic Party leaders to figure out a plan on how to use Fauci to not let this crisis go to waste.  That’s more-than-likely why we have seen such flip-flops.  Fauci would make a statement based on his medical expertise, then the Democrats would get to him, and his recommendations would “suddenly” do a reversal.

Joe Biden tossed around the idea of a federal mask mandate during the campaign the few times he emerged out of his basement, which would be completely unconstitutional, but when has that ever stopped a Democrat?  Once the election was properly stolen, Biden did issue a mask mandate for federal property and on interstate transportation, which I still believe is all unconstitutional.

Folks, this is the first time in history where any government has forced healthy people to wear masks and to lock themselves down.  The entire COVID experience was done for state control over the masses.   There’s no other reason for government lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing because as these tyrants constantly say to follow the science the science doesn’t actually say what they’re telling the American people what it says.

Fascist Fauci and Fuhrer Biden have said the US should get back to a pre-pandemic normal life around Christmas, but don’t count on it, because all throughout history no totalitarian regime has ever voluntarily given up emergency powers.

We have a very small window left to stop the march toward totalitarianism before that window closes and we will no longer have the ability to end it.

Lessons on How To Gaslight America on COVID-19 Until Trump Is Gone

Lessons on How To Gaslight America on COVID-19 Until Trump Is Gone

Remember back in the 1950s when we were still on the radio – at least it feels that long ago – and the coronavirus slogans were that we needed “two weeks to slow the spread” and before it became anti-Woke we heard we had to push for “herd immunity?”  After a few months, the “slow the spread” talk went away.  It was at that time that I believe a plan was hatched by Democrats, a plan to take out Donald Trump in the 2020 election because as the public started forgetting the early slogans of “do something and we got this,” lockdowns and forced mandates went on and on and on and on and they got crueler and more oppressive as time went by and if you have an IQ in the triple digits you knew there was something off about it.

The first thing the Woke Supremamcy of progressive leftists did was to shame you into coming out against masks and lockdowns as if you were a potential murderer who was lurking around every dark corner ready to pounce on the first innocent bystander.

There were frightening charts that appeared on Fake News outlets every day concerning cases around the world, specifically in China and Italy.  CNN eventually created a COVID-19 death count and it ran on the chyron on the television news screen just to remind everyone at what a horrible job President Trump was doing to combat the virus, while at the same time they ignored everything the president was doing to combat the virus, which was more than any pas president or administration did in our history for a pandemic virus.  They didn’t want you to know.

There were dissident reports out there of questionable death rates because of inadequate testing methods, and the Democrats made sure that hospitals received money for every coronavirus patient death because it cost them money to deal with them differently from other types of death, which in turn became a government-sanctioned fraud because we now know that hospitals across the country fudged the numbers to make a profit.

Remember when they told us that our children had to stay home during the schoolyear because the “science” said so, even though the real science said that children are not superspreaders and rarely every catch the virus?

And then they began telling us that Trump did nothing at the beginning of the pandemic, when no one other than the Communist Chinese Party knew much at all about the virus, even though he banned tgravelo to and from China as soon as the first American case of the virus hit.  We were told to ignore the fact that Democrats across the country were telling us to go out to see a movie, enjoy life as if things are normal, visit Chinatown to prove you’re not a racist.  And you aren’t supposed to know that when Trump started taking measures to combat the virus back in the very beginning of the whole mess the Democrats in Congress were more interested in impeaching Trump for a perfectly normal diplomatic phone call with the president of Ukraine.

The Woke Supremacy started trashing the use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID patients because President Trump started touting it as an effective treatment because the left did not want a solution to the problem they were exploiting for political purposes.  What they did in this regard should be considered criminal.  Think about how many people died when they could have used the drug, but for governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo who not only botched up his handling of the virus and doctored the number of deaths in nursing homes where he forced COVI-19 positive patients into but banned the use of Hydroxychloroquine because Trump was talking about it.  This is some evil stuff, folks.

We were told for so long that we had to remain in lockdown, small businesses no longer mattered to politicians in Democrat-run cities, pretty much because they are the backbone of Republican donors who had to be taken out.  We were told all throughout 2020 that the numbers of cases were rising, and it didn’t matter that the numbers were rising because our testing was getting better, and it didn’t matter that the virus has a survival rate of 99 percent for everyone except the elderly patients, the Left continued to push the narrative that we had to become a third world Soviet-style block of a country in order to combat the virus that Donald Trump gave us.  It was a period of time when most Americans discovered firsthand what gaslighting is and I can honestly say it was this period of time when trust in all institutions plummeted.

Remember after being gaslighted for so long about the need for us to be in perpetual lockdown when you couldn’t believe that the same idiots who were pushing the narrative began to tell us that the George Floyd protests followed by the anti-American protests of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter (BLM) were necessary and the unsaid narrative was that the virus would not spread for such a noble cause but could actually lower the viral spread?  Remember when nitwit news anchors who sat in cable news studios with coffee mugs bearing corporate logos told us that Trump rallies were superspreaders while at the same time said absolutely nothing about even more people protesting together on the streets?

Remember how you felt like you were in a Black Mirror episode when you discovered that the virus was not only more intelligent than you but was also politically Woke as it would attack anyone and everyone except those rioting and looting and toppling statues in every Democrat-run city in America?

Remember when the brightest among us said that Trump’s goal of having a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year was the rantings of a mad man because it was impossible, and then when we learned that not one but two vaccines were being made available before the end of the year how instead of eating crow and admitting they were wrong the Woke mob didn’t mean culpa but instead changed the narrative to Trump screwed up the distribution of the vaccines that were not supposed to be created for two more years?

And never ever ever forget that throughout all of this nonsense – and much more that time and space limit me from mentioning – you knew the whole time that it was all a steaming pile of bullschtein.

And then, like magic, as soon as the Thief-in-Chief Joe Biden was inaugurated we started seeing signs that the nitwit network mobs were reporting that it’s over.  The frightening charts were going away, the CNN death chyron is gone, reporters are trashing Andrew Cuomo’s mangling of the COVID response in New York exposing him as the most corrupt and arrogant governor of all time, and information is now being leaked that the powers that be are changing how COVID case and death calculating formulas are being changed to show smaller numbers to benefit the new totalitarian regime in Washington, DC.

The Daily Mail, the most widely read news outlet on the planet, wrote that “daily cases have dropped 45 percent since the latest peak on January 11, according to data from the COVID-19 Tracking Project.  There were 131,341 new cases reported on Wednesday.”  The DM said that “Hospitalizations have fallen 26 percent since they peaked most recently on January 12, the data shows, with 96,534 reported in the hospital as of Wednesday.  In addition, as the country headed into February, COVID-19 hospitalizations fell below 100,000 for the first time in two months.

There are health “experts” who are saying that the Twilight Zone reason for this unexplainable drop in all that is unholy in the world of COVID is that some people have gotten the vaccine.  I turd you not.

The DM continued: “Dr Ali Mokdad, a professor of Health Metrics Sciences at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), said there are a number of reasons for the decline in case.  One of the reasons for the sharp drop in cases, even if not the primary driver, are vaccines.”  At the time of that statement less than 2 percent of people were fully immunized, so then how on Lucifer’s black beach could we have a 45 percent drop in cases?

The better argument is what top epidemiologist have been telling us all along: herd immunity.  The fact that a lot of people have been infected with the virus, about 90 million in the US alone, and are now immune and that reduces the spread.  If the nitwit networks start telling us tall tales of the virus mutating and therefore all the people who already caught it could catch it again I call for pitforks and flashlights to storm their castles.

Another more likely reason that is admittedly dark and evil but not beyond the Woke Supremacy would be that the World Health Organization (WHO) that helped the Communist Chinese Party lie about the origins and dangers of the virus enough that the Trump administration cut ties with them, changed up their testing criteria in order to lower the previously high false-positive infection results that many believe were all part of the Get Trump plan all along.  They made this monumental change on Inauguration Day.

Conclusion:  Everything has been corrupted by the Woke Supremacy.  You cannot believe anything being reported anymore.  There is no way that such a reversal can happen so quickly and all quickly after they got rid of Trump.

Biden Administration Lost 20 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

Biden Administration Lost 20 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

According to a story published by Politico, the Biden administration has more-than-likely lost as many as 20 million vaccine doses that were sent to the states.

After spending a year trashing President Donald Trump’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic virus and speculating that a vaccine could never be completed in under at least two years, the Biden administration is finding out that the job they sought and stole for isn’t easy, to say the least.

Candidate Joe Biden and his campaign promised that if they were elected there would be 100 million Americans vaccinated within the first 100 days of his administration.  Once they got into office they realized that the logistics of such endeavors are very complicated, and leftists are never really all that bright when it comes to implementing something in the real world that is a theory speculated upon outside of a University classroom.

So Biden allegedly threw out his COVID-19 plan and initially tried to blame the Trump administration by claiming they inherited a vaccine that had no distribution plan.  CNN carried the water for that Biden administration lie and that whopper was so bad that even the mainstream news media came down on the Fake News outlet as making it up out of whole cloth.  Plus there was the little tidbit of news that by the time the Biden administration took power 30 million Americans had already been vaccinated, so the Trump distribution plan that the Left said doesn’t exist worked pretty well.

The Politico piece reveals that the Biden administration cannot find around 20 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine that were shipped to the states, and is concerned that “the crucial supply is boxed away in warehouses, sitting idle in freezers or floating elsewhere in the complex distribution pipeline that runs from the administration to individual states.”

Doesn’t this remind you of every socialist state throughout history?   Venezuela, for example, after Hugo Chavez took over saw warehouses full of rotting fruit because the Socialists were so disorganized they didn’t have to get it out to the people.  This kind of disorganization among socialist regimes happens all the time because of a couple of factors.  One is because leftists always wrap themselves around the fight, with the struggle to reach their goals, which is to obtain power and control the world. They fight so much and so hard and for so long to reach the goals that they forget to actually create a plan for when they achieve the goals.

Even John Lennon knew this and wrote it into the lyrics of the Beatles hit song about a socialist uprising called Revolution:

You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We’d all love to see the plan

Another reason for socialist chaos after they take power is because a real free-market-based economy is chaotic and it’s run from the bottom up and it shouldn’t work, but the phenomenon is it always does.   The free market always works.   Socialists on the other hand come along and they do everything top-down, which is the government sets rules and regulations and set standards for how every piece of every project is going to be done.  They’re in control and they’re going to let everyone know it.  People are just human beings and human beings make mistakes and when there isn’t a chaotic system like free-market capitalism to take care of itself then someone always forgets something. Someone forgets to put a compass on the ship that’s delivering fruit and they get lost.  Someone forgets to fill the gas tanks of trucks delivering much-needed water and they break down on the highway, or someone forgets where they signed off to have 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine delivered.

Another part of the Biden administration chaos we reported earlier Sunday that the Biden administration has seen to it that terrorist detainees at GITMO will be getting vaccinated before American citizens.

Political also mentions that Biden administration officials have discovered that the available stockpile of vaccine is “mostly empty,” and that they are working to find ways to boost production in order to even meet the administration’s goal of 100 million vaccination doses in the first 100 days, which if they did nothing at all the Trump plan would have gotten them there because with 30 million vaccinations by January 20 they were already well on their way to reaching 100 million.

It’s funny that the Democrats didn’t lose 280 thousand 2020 ballots that were trucked from New York to Pennsylvania according to a former Kansas Attorney General, and then they just disappeared.  They allegedly disappeared into vote-counting machines to help bring a Biden victory.  Why was the mainstream news media not interested at all in that story?

Biden Administration Prioritizes GITMO Terrorists Over American Families For Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

Biden Administration Prioritizes GITMO Terrorists Over American Families For Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

Since January 20 you may have been sitting around with the feeling that the world has shifted and you feel it in your gut that it’s not going in the right direction for America.  The Biden administration is putting out executive orders that make you wonder just who the administration works for, is it the American people or just the elites?

So now we’re learning that the Trump-fostered COVID-19 vaccine will go to prisoners at the GITMO detention center long before the rest of us great unwashed get a chance to get it.   President Biden cannot give the American people a stable timeline for when the rest of us will bed able to get the vaccine en masse.  I’m not hearing any outcry by the news media when we know with certainty that they would be screeching had the Democrats not stolen the election and this happened under a Donald Trump second term.

Biden can’t tell us if we’re going to be considered by the Wall Street elitists in his entourage administration if that time is going to Spring or Summer, but what we do know is that terrorists, yes terrorists are already on the list to get the shot as the administration has already confirmed vaccines will be given to GITMO detainees and the Defense Department has given a statement that detainees are getting vaccinated under “the Department’s priority distribution plan.”  Well, whoopty flippin’ ding!

Here’s another turd in the punchbowl, did you know that Politico did a random act of journalism and reported that the Biden administration has lost 20 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine that were supposedly sent to the states?

We know that the world is watching because the Daily Mail cited that this priority distribution plan includes al Qaeda terrorists with the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the Pakistani terrorist guy and they are all getting vaccinated next week.  Isn’t it lovely that your government prioritizes people who plotted to kill thousands of Americans over you?

From the Daily Mail: “Prosecutor Clayton Trivett Jr, who is leading the case against five terrorists behind the September 11 attacks, made the disclosure in a letter to defense lawyers Thursday.

‘[A]n official in the Pentagon has just signed a memo approving the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine to the detainee population Guantánamo,’ he wrote, according to the New York Times.

‘You can’t make this up,’ said former New York City Fire Commissioner Tom Von Essen, who served during 9/11 and lost 343 firefighters that day. ‘The ridiculousness of what we get from our government. They will run the vaccine down to those lowlifes at Guantanamo Bay before every resident of the United States of America gets it is the theater of the absurd.’”

On KSM getting the vaccine, Essen said “It’s f—ing nuts.”

The New York Post reported that a demolition supervisor at Ground Zero, John Feal, who has contracted a number of 9/11-related illnesses who can’t get the vaccine yet said he was stunned when he heard the news.  “The fact that the 9/11 community can’t get the vaccine and the terrorists can show how backward our government is,” he told the Post. “It’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. It’s an insult to the people who ran into the towers and were killed and those who worked on the pile for months and are ill.”

Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) a Congresswoman who over the summer restored my faith that there are some politicians in the leftist mecca of New York who fight for America over the globalist Woke Supremamcy said,  “It is inexcusable and un-American that President Biden is choosing to prioritize convicted terrorists in Gitmo over vulnerable American seniors or veterans.”

FDNY Lt. Michael O’Connell [retired] who worked search and rescue missions after the towers fell, and caught sarcoidosis, an autoimmune illness while rummaging through the rubble to find Americans who were under it that may still be alive gave a statement that I think all Americans hearing about the GITMO terrorists getting preferential treatment can agree with when he said, “This is a real kick in the balls,” and followed up with, “It’s very upsetting. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Evidence Surfaces that Dr. Anthony Fauci Funded COVID-19 Research and Development After Obama Put a Moratorium On Research in US

Evidence Surfaces that Dr. Anthony Fauci Funded COVID-19 Research and Development After Obama Put a Moratorium On Research in US

Steve Hilton shared an investigation that reveals the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic virus, and it links back to research done in the US, but specifically, it links to Dr. Anthony Fauci.   Yes, that Dr. Anthony Fauci.

On Fox’s “The Next Revolution,” the host explained to his viewers that the evidence uncovered “points to the most likely cause of the pandemic and it’s worse than anything that we have heard so far.”

Hilton went over a study done a decade ago in the Netherlands that involved ferrets.  They used ferrets because apparently, they have respiratory systems that are similar to human beings.  Hilton said that the researchers “were trying to see if the virus that starts out without the ability to be transmitted through the air can eventually gain that ability.”

“This led to the creation of an entirely new type of scientific research made possible by advances in gene technology,” he said. “It was called gain of function virus research. The idea was to replicate in a lab what had been done with those ferrets — to take the virus and manipulate the genetic code to make it stronger and powerful. The virus would gain new function, hence the name.”

Hilton said that the original idea for the research was to engineer some of the most deadly contagious viruses inside laboratories “to learn about treatments and vaccines about the calamity of an actual outbreak.”

The rumors are true.  The Chinese Wuhan laboratory was the main research hub, and the research was done around the world.  the Wuhan lab was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is run by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The risk of doing this kind of work smacks of horror films where a very dangerous experiment by a mad scientist gets out of the lab and does irreparable harm to the world.  And that’s exactly what happened with COVID-19.

The host noted that the Obama administration, to its credit, put a moratorium on the very dangerous research.

“Despite the controversy surrounding this type of research,” Hilton said, “it always had one steadfast champion, a leading figure in the world of infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci. His institute funded that first ferret study. At the time he co-wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post describing the research as a risk worth taking… important information and insight can come from generating a potentially dangerous virus in the laboratory.”

“Shortly before the Obama Administration’s ban on gain of function research in 2014, Dr. Fauci commissioned … a project to assess the risk of new coronaviruses emerging from wild animals like bats — one of the aims was to see what viruses can infect animals and humans,” Hilton said.

Hilton said that after the Obama administration ended the research Fauci “continued on by subcontracting it” to EcoHealth Alliance a New York entity.  From there, EcoHealth Alliance subcontracted it out to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The head of the Wuhan laboratory created a progress report that reveals a money trail that leads right back to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“Until now, the only reporting of Dr. Fauci’s role in all of this has been his funding of the Wuhan lab in general,” Hilton said. “But tonight we can go further thanks to this paper. We can see the specific activity that Dr. Fauci funded and it is terrifying, so terrifying that after we reached out to NIH this paper was mysteriously taken off-line on Friday for a while. But we downloaded it weeks ago.”

Hilton then mentioned what happened next, including researchers gathering samples of bat feces from a cave somewhere in China and how they found multiple novel coronaviruses.  He went on to reveal that they then genetically engineered BRAND NEW viruses inside the lab!

“They infected human cells with them in the lab. And they then showed that their man-made viruses could replicate as a functional virus,” Hilton said. “Here is the most important part, the genetic changes they made in the lab unlocked a highly specific doorway into the human body. The virus that causes COVID-19 uses that same exact doorway. To be clear, none of the genetically engineered viruses created in 2017 and reported in this paper were the exact ones we’re dealing with now, but what they confirm was it was possible to make the COVID-19 virus using the technique developed in the Fauci project.”  That project ran for three more years.

Hilton said that when you compare the viruses created in the Wuhan laboratory with the COVID-19 virus it “looks like a combination of two different bat viruses from a completely different species.”

This is Dr. Frankenstein’s kind of stuff.  It’s stunning to think that Fauci knew this all along and never admitted to any of it, never told the American people that he was intimately involved in the creation of the virus that killed so many innocent people.  In my eyes, he is a criminal.

The host went on to point out hows ridiculous it would be to claim this virus was the result of nature.

“Multiple different species of bats in south China would have to infect each other, and some other unknown animals, and that either these animals or an infected human will need to have traveled 1000 miles without affecting anyone until they got to Wuhan,” Hilton said.

“We’re not suggesting for a second that the coronavirus was created or released as a bioweapon,” he stressed. “But lab accidents happen. that’s literally the reason the Obama administration stopped this research.”

We do have to ask the question, did the Chinese government use this virus against the world as a bioweapon?  Think about it.  China was on the rise, Joe Biden gave speeches where he made sure that the American people were satisfied with the fact that China growing in the civilized world was a good thing for America.  China had a long-term plan to take over the United States in the area of being the world’s top superpower, and they had almost achieved it.  But then along came a man named Donald Trump who got elected president of the United States and he restructured the trade deals that we had with China that were totally in china’s favor and cause many American workers to lose their jobs that went to China.

Matt Pottinger, a former Trump’s deputy national security advisor, privately told a group of British officials, “a growing body of evidence supported the idea that the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab.”

Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6, said, “It’s an engineered escapee from the Wuhan institute, I’m not saying anything other than the fact that… is was the result of an accident.”

Of course, no one is going to come right out and accuse China of using the virus as a weapon, because China uses its markets around the globe as a tactical weapon as well.  Piss off the Communist Chinese Party and your country could lose a lot of money by China pulling their markets out.  It’s no different from what Amazon, Google, and Apple have done to Parler and other free speech entities.

After learning that the Obama administration ceased working with the virus, Hilton has to ask, “Why on earth didn’t Dr. Fauci stop it as soon as the Obama moratorium was announced back in 2014?”

“The response from the medical establishment has been shocking,” he added. “Instead of trying to figure out what happened, they have been pushing a cover-up.”

Noting that as the evidence mounts, it is strongly suggesting that the United States, under Dr. Fauci, commissioned the actual research that created the COVID-19 virus, Hilton called on the infectious disease expert to “step aside” until it’s all sorted out.

“This week President Biden made Dr. Fauci his chief medical advisor with an enhanced role,” Hilton said. “In the light of the documents and the evidence we presented tonight, that role is completely untenable. Fauci must step aside until we get to the bottom of this in creating, unintentionally, of course, the catastrophic global pandemic.”

How many of you believe Biden will ask Dr. Fauci, the man who helped engineer the virus that helped the Woke Supremacy Democrats to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election and bankrupt thousands of small businesses, to stand down?  Democrats never admit when they make a mistake, so Fauci isn’t going anywhere unless more people start to question his role in the development of the COVID-19 virus.