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SCOTUS Denies Texas Case Claiming Lack of Standing, It’s Not Over

On Friday, the US Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn Joe Biden’s ill-gotten win in four key battleground states.

First off, it’s not over yet, folks. There are still battles to fight. Have the faith.

The ruling was delivered with only three sentences. The order was also not signed.

“The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” the Court wrote. “All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.”

Justice Samuel Alito wrote that, “In my view, we do not have discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction. I would therefore grant the motion to file the bill of complaint but would not grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue.”

Justice Clarence Thomas concurred with Alito’s statement.

This means the ruling was 7 – 2.  Three of the justices Donald Trump put on the bench sided to hear the case.  They sided with the liberal judges.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton brought the lawsuit and then 17 states joined and more than half of the Republicans in the House of Representatives and President Trump.  The suit sought to invalidate millions of votes cast in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. All four of these states Joe Biden won by what all evidence shows from election fraud.  All four states violated multiple Articles in the US Constitution that effectively helped the Democrats cheat to get Biden into the White House.

According to The Hill, the Texas filing cleared the way for the country’s High Court to issue an order on the state’s request for a preliminary injunction.

The Roberts Court basically sent a message that the Supreme Court does not want to get involved.  They made the decision quickly, because on Monday the Electoral College meets to formalize Joe Biden’s ill-gotten victory over President Donald Trump.

One-hundred twenty-six members of Congress and 17 Republican Attorneys General, including President Donald Trump joined Texas to convince the Supreme Court to overturn elections in those states due to Constitutional violations that harmed the many states that voted to reelect Trump.

On Friday, House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy of California and minority whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana signed onto a brief backing the lawsuit.

Friday afternoon, Trump tweeted “If the Supreme Court shows great wisdom and courage, the American people will win perhaps the most important case in history, and our electoral process will be respected again.”

On Thursday, the states mentioned by the lawsuit backed by the president shot back at Texas with incredibly lame arguments like Texas was committing seditious acts. So when Estate is trying to acknowledge that other states violated the constitution during a presidential election, they want us to believe that that is sedition.   It’s a hell of a world we live in.  State officials told the High Court that the state of Texas has no right to tell another state how to conduct its elections.   But they do have a right to point out that Texas followed the Constitution and they voted to reelect Donald Trump while these other four key battleground states violated the constitution, they did not follow the rule of law, and they did it to help Joe Biden get elected. That gives them standing, because what Biden administration could do to the state of Texas and every other state that followed the Constitution and voted for Trump could be horrible for them.

“The Court should not abide this seditious abuse of the judicial process, and should send a clear and unmistakable signal that such abuse must never be replicated,” state of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro wrote.  We haven’t heard a peep out of Josh Shapiro about Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar changing election laws when she did not have the authority to do so. We also heard nothing from Josh Shapiro about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court changing election law which they did not have the authority to do.

If nothing else the lawyers fighting this battle are trying to make future elections more free and fair. The Democrats may have gotten away with the biggest election cheating of our lifetime, but the republic goes on when we keep fighting for the Constitution.

Contrary to the lies reported by the mainstream media, the Pennsylvania case is still alive and I believe it’s stronger than the Texas case, because that case has material evidence of voter and election fraud to argue, and the Supreme Court pretty much just told us that the Texas case wasn’t strong enough for them to intervene. So, it’s not over yet, and we fight on.

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