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Scottish Govt Urged to Scrap School Survey Asking Kids About ‘Anal S*x’

These are 14-year-old kids we are talking about and the schools want to know about their experiences with anal sex.

Does this mean the kids will be getting a little behind in their sex education classes? What did the proctologist say to his assistant? “No, I said I wanted a butt light.” One of Scotland’s largest parent organizations has asked the schools to scrap the survey as inappropriate.

Schools all over the world are sexualizing children at a younger and younger age. The more they are taught the more promiscuous they become. Naturally, they become curious. Soon, they will do away with the desks and install beds. And if you make a mistake, they will force you to do it again.

I grew up in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains and they did teach us about safe sex. Every student was assigned a football helmet. You could get a nasty bump from the gun rack in your pickup truck. And premarital sex could lead to a formal wedding where the bride’s family all carried white shotguns.

There is also a major concern for privacy as the surveys have numbers that allow the schools to discover who filled out the survey. This is especially bad for the girls as lecherous school employees would be able to tell which ones are very active in their sex lives.

It reminds me of the boy who went to confession and told the priest he had sex with one of the girls in the parish. The priest asked if it was Pam Riley. The boy said no. The priest asked if it was Mary Baldwin and the boy said no. The priest asked if it was Connie Loveless and once again the boy said no. The priest told the boy to say five Hail Marys.

The boy rejoined his friend who knew what he was going to confess. He asked his friend what he got and the boy answered “Three great leads.”

From Breitbart News

Another issue raised by Prior is that neither parents nor students are given clear enough information on how their data is to be used, though one spokesman from the Scottish government has rejected this.

“Parents/carers and children and young people are informed of how their data will be used in advance of any taking part in the census and they can decide to opt out if they wish,” the spokesman said. “If children and young people do take part, they can skip any question they don’t wish to answer or state that they would ‘prefer not to say’.”

The spokesman also clarifies that it will be up to local authorities whether to decide what questions they ask students in their area, although the “Scottish government has worked with stakeholders to design a set of questionnaires”.


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