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Schools Get Funding For Denying White Students Entrance

Local Democrat governments in CA have allowed for Schools to get special outside funding to drive enrollment from non-White communities, meaning Whites are not welcomed because they make it harder for schools to get the free money they want.

A 1978 legal settlement requires that LA schools with less than 30 percent white students get extra teachers, counselors and parent-teacher conferences. But each year, a handful of schools lose that status, called PHBAO (pronounced “fuh-BOW”) — an acronym for “Predominantly Hispanic, Black, Asian, or Other.”

According to FOX News a school is currently losing funding because of the number of White Students and reported, “Under provisions of a district policy, the school [Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood ]  had qualified for additional funding, which enables the hiring of more teachers and having smaller classes because it had a student body that was 70 percent or higher of Hispanics, blacks, Asians, and non-Anglos. However, in the last two years, that percentage has fallen beneath the 70 percent level, meaning Walter Reed no longer qualified for those extra funds.

The school has been under threat of closing since 2017, when parents in the school district said they would claim special minority status to allow their children equal access to the public schools.

Chaos unfolded when it was exposed that others who had claimed White Status to avoid immigration, were throwing the numbers of Whites off.

According to LA School Report who reported on the same school in 2017 wrote,  “At one of those schools, Walter Reed Middle School in Studio City, some of the 80 parents attending a school-wide meeting this month said that fears of immigration raids have led families to identify as “White/Caucasian” rather than “Hispanic,” which decreases the school’s minority population. Others, who are angry about the arbitrary nature of the school district’s policy, said they will change their status and encourage others to do so too in order to keep their teachers.”

A local parent in North Hollywood wrote, “I know I can find some minority designation in my family heritage, I will be changing my status as soon as I can,” said Reed parent Alexis Prescott, in tears while speaking at a meeting with district officials who explained that the school could lose five teachers and a counselor and increase class sizes from 34 to 39 students. “People don’t realize how this can affect their schools, and we have to let everyone know. This is my worst nightmare.”

The Marxist left has been busy for decades laying a foundation to redistribute wealth through a series of schemes, under the guise of equality that denies White people, and has been championed by Democrats in local governments.  They have been largely successful in their plans to transform our Representative/ Constitutional Republic into what Conservatives are now feeling is a Marxist Hell.

The 2020 President Election will be a transformational period as President Donald J. Trump has promised, earlier in July,  to address the non-profit status of Schools, if they are pushing indoctrination and not teaching students.


DJHJ media covered that story HERE.




  1. Michelle

    July 17, 2020 at 11:08 pm

    Agree Took 3 online summer school classes and I only got funding for one class and they held my money saying that It is not part of my degree program which is not true and I am still waiting to hear on my appeal. They got paid money for the classes with federal funding but I did not get money even though those classes go towards my long term goal degree but not under the degree program I am under with them. No sense & more controlled indoctrination with examples. Time to leave Ventura College I have too many credits and still no degree.

  2. Dorothy Hyatt

    July 18, 2020 at 4:21 am

    This simply cannot be happening in the United States of America…but, I believe it is. This is sorrowful news, and I pray that Trump wins 2020.

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