In South Carolina, the liberals are sticking it to death row inmates. Although the death penalty is legal here, there have been no executions in ten years because they have been unable to acquire any of the drugs needed for lethal injection.

The new default execution will be electrocution and inmates could opt for a firing squad. I don’t know about you but I would prefer a lethal injection over the other two choices.

I have always believed that the best method of punishment for a capital crime would be to be put to death the same way the murderer killed their victim.

I think that would be a deterrent for future murders and even if it’s not, you won’t have to worry about them becoming a repeat offender.

If you bury someone alive, you get buried alive. If you torture someone before killing them, you would suffer the same fate.

I’m guessing a lot of murderers would plead guilty if they could die by lethal injection over the way they killed their victim or victims. But not in South Carolina where drug companies refuse to sell to them.

This is a case where the liberals have been able to convince drug makers not to sell their wares for executions. But considering the alternatives, the death row prisoners might disagree.

From The Blaze

But the new measure, approved by state senators in a 32-11 vote, allows the state Department of Corrections to bypass lethal injection in carrying out executions.

According to state records, 37 inmates are currently being housed on death row, awaiting their punishment. Should the bill be signed into law, those inmates would be forced to choose between death by firing squad or electric chair if lethal injection drugs remain unavailable.

The bill must now go through another routine procedural vote in the Senate before heading to the House for consideration. South Carolina Republican Gov. Henry McMaster told CBS News in a statement that should the legislation pass in both chambers of Congress, he would “proudly” sign it into law.

The state reportedly ran out of its supply of lethal injection drugs in 2013 and has been trying to purchase more ever since, but to no avail. Pharmaceutical companies often refuse to sell the drugs when they find out what they will be used for, especially in absence of a shield law, which the state does not currently have.