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Sarah Palin on Joe Biden: ‘It’s Too Late to Get Through to Him’

Sarah Palin told Breitbart News last week that it is too late to get through to Joe Biden now. He is beyond redemption. She made these comments as she relived the debate she had with Biden in 2008 in which she kicked his ass thoroughly. Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow sat down with Palin last week and asked her what advice she would give to Joe Biden. That is when she smacked down the idea he could be redeemed.

Marlow asked:

“Back in the day, you debated Joe Biden, and you won. Do you ever think back on that day? He’s president now, and I know that it’s probably a little bit fun to know that you were right on so many things. But I bet you would like to get through to him.”

Palin replied:

“I think it’s too late to get through to him.”

In an op-ed she wrote for Breitbart earlier this year, she recalled a specific part of the debate dealing with gas prices. The price of gas was $3.65 a gallon and a barrel of oil was $97 dollars. She noted that he had no answer to the problem then and now 13 years later, he is still clueless.

Palin continued:

Biden only reluctantly acknowledges that we have supply shortages. His baffling solution is to import oil from foreign countries. His response to high energy prices is to run and beg OPEC, the international cartel, for more oil.

Biden’s decisions, such as killing the Keystone Pipeline and stopping responsible oil and gas development on federal land, were all deliberate and illegal actions made by an administration that does not understand whatsoever how we produce our energy. Consequences took a few months to kick in, but we’re feeling them now. Drilling has slowed. Exploration has slowed. Investment has been scared away. Devastating ramifications are around the corner.

America now suffers because two million fewer barrels of oil are being produced every day compared to just one year ago. The diminished supply caused the huge spike in prices, which gets compounded across every other sector of the economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and job creation in general.


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