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Sarah Palin Criticizes ‘Fake Feminists’ Rep. Ocasio-Cortez And VP Kamala Harris

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has attacked AOC and Kamala Harris for blaming their incompetence on their race and their gender. Let’s face it, neither one of them has accomplished anything in their current jobs. That is not due to their race or their gender. People would not like them if they were Lilly white. What has either one of them even done to deserve praise?

Palin calls them “fake feminists and she claims they are hurting the women’s cause. Palin appeared on Fox News Primetime with host Rachel Campos-Duffy. Duffy asked Palin about AOC and their attempt to blame all of it on racism or gender bias. Palin hit them on blaming those items in order to escape the fact that no one likes what they do.

Palin said:

“These fake feminists who bring the women’s movement back so far by channeling everything right on back to, ‘Oh, it’s our gender. Doggone it, people don’t like us because we’re female.’”

“Perhaps, again, their foundation isn’t what is commonplace in the American populace where, no, gender really doesn’t matter — it’s the character of who you are, it’s your work ethic. I’m really thankful that I was brought up in a place where gender truly has not mattered, and I certainly don’t blame, you know, criticisms on me being female. Can you imagine if I would’ve have done that all these years now what they’d be saying?”

It doesn’t help that they are hypocrites. At the same time they push people into wearing masks 24 hours a day, they party without wearing a mask or social distancing. People see that and they 3wonder if masks are necessary at all.

From The Daily Caller

Ocasio-Cortez was photographed maskless while on vacation in Florida amid the Omicron surge. Former President Donald Trump’s campaign adviser, Steve Cortes, called out Ocasio-Cortez’s behavior, prompting her to deflect by saying Republicans are “mad” they “can’t date [her].”

Harris expressed similar sentiments in the past, citing her race and gender as the reason behind negative media coverage.

No administration can prioritize illegal aliens, Russia, Iran, and China without doing anything for Americans and be popular. Your race and gender is not the problem.

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1 Comment

  1. Ed Gonzales

    January 20, 2022 at 7:29 am


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