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Sanctuary Los Angeles County Vows to Free Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S.

The courts have ruled that you can’t sue sanctuary cities or states that free criminals who go on to commit new crimes. I suggest we need a law that recognizes that no one in California can sue but other non-sanctuary areas can. After all, they did not vote for the nutty liberals who run California.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva confirmed that Los Angeles County will only honor detainers that ICE obtains a written warrant from a judge. However, the law does not mandate that ICE has to do that.

The new law allows LA County to release more criminals than ever before.

This is really a CYA policy that allows California to permit illegal aliens to remain in the country regardless of whatever crimes they commit, no matter how heinous.

Liberals love criminals as long as they stay the hell away from where they live. They give them the vote and now they give them unlimited freedom.

However, ICE can still hunt illegal alien criminals down in California, but it is much more dangerous for the officers and the public. Picking them up directly from the jails is the safest way for all involved.

From Breitbart News

Such broad sanctuary policy means even criminal illegal aliens convicted of serious violent crimes like rape, manslaughter, assault, and child sex crimes can be released back into the community when ICE is unable to secure judicial warrants.

California has one of the most expansive sanctuary state policy’s in the nation, banning local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE in most cases. The policy ensures that illegal aliens are readily released back into communities instead of being transferred to ICE agents for arrest and deportation.

Homeland Security officials last year revealed that up to 80 percent of illegal aliens freed back into the U.S. by sanctuary jurisdictions go on to commit additional crimes.



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