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San Diego School Districts Overhaul Grading System To “Combat Racism”

My wife returned to college once we became empty-nesters.

Last week she told me that during one of her writing Zoom meetings, the counselor told her the teacher was not that concerned about punctuation and spelling. Why, because several of the students in her class were either illegal aliens or foreign students on VISAS who were having trouble using proper English.

So instead of requiring these students to catch up and be tested fairly with everyone in the class, the teacher relaxed the standards for all the students, to accommodate them instead.

In San Diego, the school district took this concept to the next level blaming the students’ difficulties in getting good grades on racial discrimination.

Under the district’s new system, non-academic factors like late work and classroom behavior will not be counted toward their overall academic grade. 

The San Diego Unified School District last week approved a major overhaul to its grading system as a part of a larger effort to combat racial discrimination.

VIA Fox News

The new changes came in response to data that showed disparities between the percentage of white and minority students who received D or F grades, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported

According to the data, Black students accounted for about 20% of all D or F grades during the first semester of last year, while Native American and Hispanic students each accounted for 23%. By comparison, white students made up 7% of all D or F grades during that same period.

Under the district’s new system, non-academic factors like late work and classroom behavior will not be counted toward their overall academic grade. 

SDUSD Vice President Richard Barrera said the overhaul represents the district’s “honest reckoning.”

“If we’re actually going to be an anti-racist school district, we have to confront practices like this that have gone on for years and years,” Barrera said. “I think this reflects a reality that students have described to us and it’s a change that’s a long time coming.”

The new system, which affects mostly middle school and high school students, will be implemented over this year and next.

Just like my wife’s class, some police and fire departments, and other schools, if minority students are not able to hit the standards designed for all students, the management teams simply lower the criteria. In 2020 some are now even blaming the poor performance of the failing students on racism, not the failing students’ work ethic, etc.

The problem is, those who work with them in the future, deserve to have fully trained and competent co-workers, fellow police officers or firemen, or supervisors who have the full education to do the job.

If not, another issue will arise.

How to terminate those who can’t do their jobs, without getting sued for wrongful terminations, blaming race again, for the reason for their poor performance, this time post-education.

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