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Same Lunatic Who Sucker-Punched TPUSA Member Last Year Was Arrested Sunday For Repeatedly Stabbing Husband Bike-Riding with His Wife

California – 30-year-old Zachary Greenberg was arrested on Sunday night. Greenberg is the far left lunatic that sucker-punched a member of the TPUSA member earlier in the year.

This time he was arrested for stabbing a man multiple times for riding on the sidewalk. He is a bit too deranged to be let loose out on the street.

The sucker-punching od a TPUSA member who was trying to recruit new members was captured on video in that attack.

He pleaded guilty to assault and was given a slap on the wrist. A very light slap on the wrist. The judge let him out on bail after the stabbing.

The bike rider said that he and his attacker got into it over riding on the sidewalk.

The assailant then pulled out a folding pocket knife and repeatedly stabbed the man. The victim was taken to the hospital where he required several procedures and could have died. An assailant is a free man but the victim is a prisoner of his injuries.

Justice in a liberal city or county is not only blind, but it’s deaf and dumb as well. The sad thing is the liberal politician you voted for and put in office could care less about you and your well being.

Your only hope of getting help from them is if you become a rioter or an illegal alien.


It would have been laughable twenty years ago if you predicted what we now see on the streets of this country. No one would have believed you. This is the first time I am glad to be at the end of my life and not the beginning of it. I can only see things getting worse from here.

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