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Sally Yates Throws James Comey Under the Bus…Would Not Have Signed FISA Warrant

Sally Yates joined a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Lindsey Graham. Her testimony is to be considered important because she threw James Comey under the bus.

She admitted under oath that James Comey had gone rogue in his attempts to frame Gen Michael Flynn. Going rogue means to operate outside the rules and regulations of the FBI.

She also said that if she had any idea of the extent to which the FBI and DOJ was lying to the FISA Court, she would not have signed the fourth application for a FISA warrant against Carter Page.

That sounds more like a CYA strategy than anything else. When you sign a FISA application, you are swearing that the evidence in the application has been verified.

Yates signed the FISA application on Jan 17th, 2017, just three days before Trump took office. This allowed the FBI to continue spying on Trump and his transition team.

The DOJ IG, Michael Horowitz released a scathing report the crimes the Deep State violated in their attempt to overthrow a duly elected president.

The IG report found that there were no less than 17 inaccuracies or outright lies in the FISA applications, including doctored documents and withholding important facts such as that Steele was found to be unreliable or that he was working for Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Christopher Steele, in his report, stated that Page was part of a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” between Donald Trump and the Kremlin.

We now know there was not a single word of truth in the dossier and it was written to please the ones that hired him and not necessarily for getting at the truth.

From The Daily Caller

The IG report also said that FBI agents withheld information that undermined the theory that Page was acting as a covert agent of Russia. One of the FBI’s case agents failed to disclose that Page had served as an “operational contact” for the CIA through at least 2013, according to the IG report.

Yates told Sen. Lindsey Graham at Wednesday’s hearing that she was “shocked” by the revelations in the IG report. But she also defended the basis for the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign. The bureau opened the probe, Crossfire Hurricane, on July 31, 2016 based on information from the Australian government regarding George Papadopoulos, another Trump campaign adviser.


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