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Rush Limbaugh issues plea for Americans to re-elect Trump: ‘This is not the old ‘Republicans versus Democrats … It’s serious, and it’s scary’

Rush Limbaugh has been the voice on the right for decades and political anchor during my career in talk radio and syndicated writing.

For several months we have been going through Rush’s fight with Stage 4 lung cancer, diagnosed in February, which is terminal.

He has pointed out his awareness that his listeners have hardships of their own, and that many of them are battling cancer themselves. But the host reluctantly gave an update nonetheless, saying that “it’s tough to realize that the days where I do not think I’m under a death sentence are over.”

Right after Rush’s announcement of his condition in early February, President Trump insisted Rush attend Trump’s 3rd State Of Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives.

To many people’s approval, during the event on February 4th, First Lady Melania Trump presented Rush with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

To show the president’s compassion for his friend, not only did he encourage Rush as he starting his cancer treatments but did it the night before the U.S. Senate was set to vote in his impeachment trial.

Fast forward to last Monday, as Rush challenged his audience to to re-elect President Donald Trump on Nov. 3.

Limbaugh uploaded a video to Twitter reaffirming his support for Trump just moments before Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation.

“Hey, folks, sitting here in the library getting ready to watch the confirmation vote — Amy Coney Barrett, Supreme Court — and it just reminds me: Folks, we don’t have a choice in this election,” Limbaugh began. “It’s got to be Donald Trump.”

Limbaugh pointed out that the 2020 presidential election is especially important because the Democratic Party simply isn’t what it used to be.

“We’re not going to have the kind of country everybody thinks we’re going to have,” he predicted. “This is not the old ‘Republicans versus Democrats,’ where we all have the same objectives, just different philosophies on how to get there. They do not have those objectives any more. Their purpose is to erase the Constitution, start over rewriting it, eliminating the concept of ‘The citizen has rights which prevail over government.'”

Limbaugh continued, pointing out that the notion is frightening at best. “It’s serious, and it’s scary, and we don’t have a choice,” he insisted. “You have to get out there and vote Trump.”

Limbaugh added, “It’s got to be Trump … we’ve got to be America.”

Pray for Rush and for those of you who are Christians rejoice to know that Rush shared that though his lung cancer has taken a turn for the worse, he’s also shared he was heavily relying on his Christian faith to endure until it’s time to go home.

“I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”.

“It is of immense value, strength, confidence. And that’s why I’m able to remain fully committed to the idea that what is supposed to happen will happen when it’s meant to.”

In the end let’s win on November 3rd and by God’s Grace get to listen to Rush for many more years.

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