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Rumble Creating a Marketplace Launches Its Own Advertising System

Score another one for the victims of tech tyranny.

Rumble, the conservative alternative video platform to the censoring Google-owned YouTube, is working hard to create an alternative economy to relieve millions of users from the truly unamerican Big Tech tyrants of social media who don’t believe in Free Speech.

Rumble is moving a considerable chunk of its ads revenue to an early stage version of a new marketplace created by Rumble for running native ads.

The Marxists have not only deplatformed people over conservative opinions and viewpoints, but they in some cases went the extra mile and attacked Free Speech platforms like Parler where Amazon removed them from their cloud services. It’s not enough that they want conservatives off their platforms, but they don’t want conservatives to then have their own platforms.

Conservative speech is not a threat to society. It’s a threat to Marxist authority.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) recently announced would become his primary platform for video content.

“Today I begin my exodus from Big Tech, starting with the worst censor of all, YouTube,” Paul said in a release. “As a libertarian leaning Senator, I think private companies have the right to ban me if they want to, however, those of us who believe that truth comes from disputation and that the marketplace of ideas is a prerequisite for innovation should shun the close-minded censors and take our ideas elsewhere, which is exactly what I’m doing.”

The plan for Rumble is that eventually all ads on the site will be serviced through Rumble’s own advertising system. This way, tech tyrants can’t attack them. The Rumble advertising system is built to include targeting, real-time bidding, and it will give publishers the chance to participate and list their websites in the exchange.

“Current exchanges are opaque, they don’t let advertisers choose where to advertise, and they are enormously susceptible to cancel culture pressure,” Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said. “We want to build a transparent advertising eco-system for creators, publishers, and advertisers that is immune to cancel culture.” This is the way to go.

The Canadian company has been attracting a growing list of Republicans. Senator Paul is not the only one. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has also moved to Rumble.

A number of conservative social media influencers have created accounts for their videos on Rumble as well. David Harris Jr has made Rumble his video home. Dan Bongino, a Rumble investor, has made his video home at Rumble, and so has Dinesh D’Souza, Dr. Robert Malone, and others.

Users over the last year have left censoring social media platforms and fled to Rumble so that they can be free from censorship. Parler is the Free Speech alternative to Twitter, and is another Free Speech platform that is an alternative to Facebook that will never censor Free Speech.

Clearly Rumble understands that an advertising engine is where the Big Tech tyrants get their power and dominance in the markets. The money generated not only helps platforms like Facebook and Google run their businesses, but it helps them buy buildings for lawyers to work out of fighting regulators and possible antitrust charges by the Department of Justice.

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