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Ruling Class Gaslights Peasants as “Economic Insurrectionists”, Follows Standard Formula But Unites Former Foes

The United States is seeing a new unity between former political opponents. Whether they know it or not, the ruling government elites, who have benefited from pitting these opponents against each other in the past, are the exact people pulling these opponents together now and forming a powerful true Populist movement that could turn on them.

Here is the problem the ruling class has: they run the same plays to shape public opinion.  Using politics, media, education, and Big Tech, they shame someone to manipulate other people’s perceptions of events.

Usually, these tactics are used to keep the political left and right busy fighting with each other; now, those tactics are unifying the left and right because they are being shamed together.


The ruling class elite choreographs fights that push some people to defend the ruler’s abusive actions instead of protecting their own best interests. That creates conflict between groups of people- that action is called Culture Marxism.

We have some new Cultural Marxism this week, and that is, rulers had decided they were attacked when Americans, many from the political left and middle,  invested in stocks.

But who is left the defend the ruling class on that?

Consider the origins of the phrase: “Economic insurectionaists.”  That is what the ruling class are now calling the individual investors who dared purchase GameStop Stock this week because they toppled the corporate elite “hedge fund” owners and caused them a temporary loss of finances.

To the rulers, it was an unjustified attack like Jan 6th; that is the message being promoted from numerous media outlets on Friday.

Here is the second problem: now the rulers have tied the political left,  middle, right together as being “economic insurrectionists.”

There is no better example of how the ruling class gaslights the peasants than deconstructing the current financial news and looking at the following clip.

Here Laura Unger, a ruler,  connects the dots between the peasants who stormed the US Capitol to the peasants who stormed Wall Street.  Remember, the ruling class are the victims, and the peasants are the trouble.

She just created a larger peasant class.

“It really puts a lot of questions about the integrity of the market, right?  And it really has left everyone scratching their heads over this; what should happen?  What is the right thing to do, to control this or do about this?  And it is not unlike what we saw on January 6th at the Capitol, right?  If you don’t have the police in there at the same time, things go a little crazy,” she said.

“It was financial harm,” she said. WATCH:

So, from Unger’s point of view, deranged peasant criminals entered into her safe place and damaged other rulers who were entitled to be there. That is called gaslighting.  Making you believe that something happened that didn’t happen.

However, she may have a point; this peasant’s rebellion purchasing stocks and having rulers kick them out of opportunities to make money may have to do with peasants questioning the ruler’s integrity, just like other peasants questioned the integrity of the 2020 Presidential election.

The two peasant groups have in common that the ruling class is dominating the peasant class and gaslighting them all.

See it?

So, peasants examining their rulers’ integrity by viewing the ruler’s stewardship of American institutions scrutinized the level of service they received and found that rulers use communal institutions as private clubs, private casinos, and they have special rights.  So yes- Peasants are now similar to each other, and now there are far more of us than there were a week ago.

Sound like a storyline from a children’s fable?

The Populist Revolt of peasants is taking on a new shape, and now the story takes an interesting turn into action.

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