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Rudy Giuliani Says There Are New Developments in Election Fraud Case That Could Be the Downfall of the Democratic Party [VIDEO]

Rudy Giuliani said that new shocking revelations revealing election fraud are bound to be released in the coming few days. The former New York City mayor added that this may likely lead to the downfall of the Democrat Party.

“Because the evidence that all these crooked television networks, newspapers, Big Tech, and the leadership of the Democratic party have been giving you is false,” Giuliani said. “You’re going to find it out all at once and it’s going to be very shocking to the country.”

The Trump lawyer also noted that there’s a growing number of Republican lawmakers who are joining in to support President Trump’s efforts to overturn the fraudulent election results.

Despite the lies by the crooked mainstream news media, Giuliani added that election fraud is now a proven fact.  They’ll still report it was false and misleading, because they’re a bunch of lying reprobates.

Giuliani pointed out that the news media continuously repeats Joe Biden’s comments that he has the numbers to show he’s won, in an effort to help the Democrat, while at the same time they refuse to publish any information to the contrary, and that they are engaging in a censorship that is unheard of before.  Giuliani added that the censorship at this level actually started at the beginning of the news of the hard drive of Hunter Biden.

He continued saying that though we have the Electors from states voting for Biden, on the other side we also have a massive number of complaints about voter fraud.  The first part is being talked about all the time by the Fake News industry, but the latter part isn’t being covered honestly by the dishonest press.

It’s like all the news outlets are in on the same scam.  After witnessing all of the testimony by people who filled out affidavits upon penalty of perjury, over a thousand of them, where they testified before their state legislators, revealing all of the election and voter fraud that they witnessed during and after the 2020 presidential election while working in the vote counting centers, and when you see on video how Republican vote count observers were kicked out of the vote counting centers, in multiple key battleground states, you have to believe that there is a concerning conspiracy in all the mainstream news outlets when they are all reporting that there is no voter fraud, it doesn’t exist, and that trump is crazy for even saying it.

Rudy calls the suppression of election fraud “unamerican,” and he’s absolutely right.  Press is supposed to protect us from government tyranny, from cheating during elections, they even have a First Amendment protection for their role in society.  They are supposed to keep government honest.  Yet, for the last three decades at least, the overwhelming majority of news reporters have chosen sides, and they protect the Democrats while making things up out of thin air about Republicans.  They abuse their First Amendment rights.

And it’s because of the media’s total dishonesty that many Americans don’t know the real and full story of what went on during and after the 2020 presidential election.


“You have to be a naive child or a complete dishonest partisan not to realize that the observers are being thrown out of the room,” Giuliani noted. “And a faulty excuse of a water break was used and they still were thrown out of the room.”

And it is still the case that Kamala Harris has not yet resigned from her Senate seat and it is true that the Pentagon has held up intelligence briefings to the Biden campaign.   Now, why have these things happened?  Could it be the Kamala doesn’t yet know if she’s going to be the vice president and she’s hedging her bets? Could it be the challenges of the Trump campaign, which has absolute proof of massive election fraud that benefited Joe Biden are why the so called President-elect Biden is not receiving briefings that a real president-elect would normally get?

Mr. Giuliani also pointed out that there is a growing number of Americans who are now questing the documented instances of voter fraud.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sylvia Venuto

    December 27, 2020 at 10:14 am

    I am losing faith in Our Government. How will it be possible for Our Nation to recover from this massive fraud if we don’t fix it? The World is watching and so are the 74 Plus Million Americans who know who really won this election.

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