Ross Perot donated thousands of dollars to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign before his death, according to a new report.

Before Perot passed he donated the max amount an individual can to a campaign. He donated $2800 to 2020 primary and another $2,800 to Trump for the general election.

“Perot not only showed Trump how to run as a populist for president but also how to use cable news to build a brand, frame a nationalist agenda around opposing free trade, and, yes, how to use Mexico as a political foil,” according to the Boston Globe.

The conservative National Review website, which openly opposes Trump, shared a similar sentiment.

“Like Perot, President Trump is also a billionaire populist and a trade protectionist. Trump appeals to the same secular, nationalist voters that were Perot’s base. But Trump also appealed to and made pacts with all the factions of the Republican party,” the Review wrote.

“Of its billionaire populists, America chose the reality-TV show star and New York real-estate figure over the Texas naval veteran and entrepreneur.

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Source: Ross Perot Donated to Trump’s 2020 Campaign Before Death, Records Show