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Ron Johnson: ‘Corruption at the Highest Levels’ During Obama Admin Investigation of Trump’s 2016 Campaign

Sen Ron Johnson appeared on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday and they spoke about the interview Bartiromo had done earlier in the week with Valerie Jarrett.

Bartiromo asked Jarrett point blank whether Barack Obama directed the spying against Donald trump. She never answered the question.

In fact, she did everything in her power to keep from answering.

Jarrett was a special adviser to Barack Obama who knew Obama way back when she was still a Chicago slumlord. She goes way back with Michelle as well.

Jarrett was Michelle’s boss at Chicago Hospital, where the two ran a patient dumping scheme together.

It stands to reason that she didn’t want to rat him out and it may also be that she was involved and didn’t want to rat herself out as well.

Johnson said:

“Well, you will notice she didn’t answer your question,” he said. “She just talked about, in general, what the process should be. That’s not the process they followed. It is very clear that there was corruption at the highest levels of, certainly, the FBI. We have evidence of it. I’m looking forward to John Durham, wrapping up his investigation. I personally believe that the intelligence community was involved in this thing.”

This is yet another reason that we must reelect President Trump. Should Biden win, every member of the Deep State will be working overtime to get all charges dropped and to destroy every last shred of evidence against the Deep State and the Obama administration? The only way justice gets done is for Obama’s agents to all go on a joint trip to Club Fed at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas.

Johnson added:

“Their initial goal was to exonerate Hillary Clinton, when — so that she could win the election. When she lost the election, their goals shifted to first — first and foremost, I think, sabotaging the Trump administration, which they have done a pretty good job of, also, I think initiating this diversionary operation, the smokescreen to cover up their wrongdoing. The fact that they — they used all the awesome powers of their agencies to investigate their political opponent. They didn’t want that revealed. It’s being revealed right now.”

“So, again, Valerie Jarrett simply isn’t answering the question. That’s our job. We need to get the information. But, as I stated earlier, they still have so many of their supporters in these agencies. They are doing a pretty good job at hiding the ball. It’s hard to extract the information. But I’m a pretty tenacious guy.”

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