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Ron DeSantis Tells Reporter During COVID Speech ‘With all due respect, I find that deplorable, to blame a victim who ends up being hospitalized’ [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

On Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave several remarks concerning the spread of COVID-19 in The Sunshine State.

DeSantis talked about the fact that as the state has experienced 25,000 fully vaccinated people who tested positive for COVID-19, the data suggests that the shots provide more immunity when regarding death or getting seriously ill.

The Washington, DC Democrats aren’t really spreading that news so much as doom and gloom because they are getting ready for another lockdown on the country.

“All I can tell you is with the data we see, hospitals we talk to, point to this is helping reduce mortality especially among the most vulnerable,” he said.

DeSantis said one of the main reasons hospitals are seeing much lower median age of patients is because of the large number of seniors who were prioritized for shots when the pandemic first began. It’s a fact that Governor DeSantis did COVID the right way. He protected the most vulnerable in the very beginning, saving countless senior’s lives.

“In terms of shutting down, we’re not shutting down, we’re gonna have schools open,” said DeSantis. He said he believes that the State of Florida has a duty to protect jobs and businesses.

When a leftist reporter asked about masks and children suffering from COVID-19 after not being allowed to get the vaccine, the governor had this to say:

“They are not eligible for the vaccination… you’re blaming the kids saying they weren’t wearing masks, and so they are in the ICU. With all due respect, I find that deplorable, to blame a victim who ends up being hospitalized.

“You don’t know their story, you don’t know what happened with that and this has been a really negative thing throughout this whole thing, with some of these quote experts and some of the media…  somebody contracts a highly transmissible airborne virus and they are viewed as having done something wrong and that’s just not the way you do it.

“When people come, in you treat them. You know we obviously have some people that have not been vaccinated admitted to hospitals, are you gonna sit there and criticize or are we gonna try to treat and try to help these folks? I’m sick of the judgmental stuff on some of this stuff, nobody is trying to get ill here.”


Most of America is tired of the judgmental virtue-signaling jackasses who want to blame everyone who doesn’t do exactly what they do.

Like the rest of the country, Floridians are concerned about renewed mask mandates and keeping children away from those who are not vaccinated even though the CDC recently very quietly admitted that fully vaccinated people are able to spread coronavirus to the unvaccinated.

For the largest school district on the First Coast, Duval County Public Schools that are back in session starting next week, these are important issues that parents and teachers are concerned about. The teacher’s unions seem to only want their members to not teach but be paid for teaching, anyway. About the only thing they came out against was mandatory vaccinations.

Governor DeSantis said he wants to empower parents to be able to make the best decisions for their families and therefore he will not impose a mask mandate in schools or elsewhere. You just know the Left will go nuts over that. They are already attacking DeSantis because he may be running in 2024 for the White House.

The whole science of COVID-19 has been corrupted. The Left has taken the CDC, which about 18 months ago was considered one of the most respected and revered scientific institutions in the world, and reduced it to a laughingstock that can no longer be trusted to give you honest, scientific information. The progressive leftists have corrupted the agency and CDC director Rochelle Walensky should resign a disgrace.

All of the COVID mitigations to be employed by Democrats from here on out need to be seriously scrutinized before you comply. Many people believe that the Democrats are going to enforce lockdowns and new mask mandates soon even when the pandemic is pretty much over because they have midterm elections in 2022 to win. The only way they could possibly win and keep control of the House and Senate is by using mail-in ballots which worked so well for them in 2020 to steal elections across the country. After spreading fear they expect people to demand mail-in ballots if they are too afraid to stand in line to vote even though the majority of them stand in line at the supermarket every week.

Red states should immediately pass election laws that say mail-in ballots are forbidden and they should go back to the original absentee ballot system where you have to have a valid reason for not showing up to vote. Yes, it’s your right to vote, but with rights come responsibilities. Otherwise, the Democrats will steal the 2022 midterm elections, I have no doubt about it and neither should you.

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