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Ron DeSantis Responds To Critics Who Said He Was On Vacation When He was With His Wife Getting Cancer Treatments [VIDEO]

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis gave his response to critics on Monday, potential Democrat gubernatorial challenger Nikki Fried being among them, who were people who have accused the governor of being missing in action during omicron, the weakest variant to date, resembling a cold.

What was really going on was DeSantis was with his wife for her cancer treatments during the holiday break.

“I guess I should have been at the beach in Delaware. They would have been really happy about that,” he taunted, referring to President Biden’s beach vacation.

Joe Biden went on vacation in Delaware as COVID cases hit a record high, yet we have people griping about DeSantis going with his wife to cancer treatments.

DeSantis even pointed out that his administration published a schedule on top of it, yet the Democrats think that a governor is only working when he gives a press conference. Maybe that’s true for Democrats, but Republicans can actually work without having cameras around them with reporters shouting gotcha questions at them. I would submit that 99% of work gets done when you are not giving a press conference.

There was nothing on the calendar for Wednesday, and DeSantis pointed out that people were claiming he was apparently on vacation.

“And I just looked at my wife. I’m like, going to the hospital with you is not a vacation for you, I know that. And it’s not a vacation; this is something that as a husband, I think that I should be doing,” he said:

I have accompanied her to all her chemotherapy treatments, and she’s there for a long time. I’m there most of the time. It’s a draining thing. When she’s done with it, you know, it’s not something that’s great to see. And so, I just think a lot of people, particularly people who have gone through breast cancer treatments, the notion that that would be considered a vacation, I think, is offensive to a lot of those folks.


Casey announced her breast cancer diagnosis in October and said that she is “going to end up good on the other end of it.”

DeSantis simply dismissed the criticisms as “dumb.”

When you’re a Republican governor, you have Democrats and leftists who will do and say anything to harm you and your reputation, including making claims that DeSantis was missing in action on COVID when he has been one of the best governors to handle the COVID crisis from the very beginning, and the detractors on the Left don’t even care if you’re away to spend time with your wife while she is going through chemotherapy treatments. What a bunch of political hacks.

Even the only statewide elected Democrat in Florida, agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried, chimed in complaining that the governor was nowhere to be found while omicron was hitting the state, as if the governor is a doctor or scientist who could find the cure just so long as he didn’t have a moment’s peace to be with his family. What a dork. Fried’s remark, “As governor, I’ll shot up,” was criticized by DeSantis’s press secretary and others on Twitter.

It would be a miracle if she gets elected governor, at least without a little electronic help on Election Day.

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