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RNC Plays 7-Minute Video Highlighting Things Biden Has Said About Blacks (VIDEO)

Democrats really don’t care about racism. If they did, they would act a lot differently and make different choices than the ones that they do, especially when it comes to who to vote for in elections.

They used to claim, and still do claim, that President Trump was a racist. I’ve even lost a friend over this. He stopped answering my phone calls after we left our former job and I later found out it was because he thought that I was racist because I supported President Trump.

If I really thought that Trump was a racist, I wouldn’t support him. I truly wouldn’t. I wouldn’t support Joe Biden either though.

Biden is far worse not just because he’s a Democrat and his policies have done nothing but destroy this country, but because he is an actual racist. Liberals are too blind to see it, or they’re not willing to look at it honestly. If you bring it up, they instantly go on the defensive instead of taking a moment to actually look at what was said or done.

Recently, the RNC put together a compilation of numerous instances where Joe Biden proved himself to be a racist.

Here is a list of some of Joe Biden’s most racist statements over his career in Washington:

  • Biden telling black voters they ‘ain’t black’ if they vote for Trump.
  • Biden claiming poor children are black/minorities
  • Biden calling Barack Obama ‘bright, articulate and clean’
  • Biden praising segregationists
  • Biden praising KKK Grand Cyclops Robert Byrd
  • Biden claiming you can’t go into a 7-Eleven unless you have a ‘slight Indian accent.’
  • Biden claiming the black community has no diversity
  • Biden telling blacks they’re going to be put back in chains
  • Biden praising black women for stocking grocery shelves
  • Biden worried that his children would grow up in a ‘racial jungle’

But again, they don’t like the orange man, so they voted for the racist instead.

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