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Rittenhouse Attacker Back In Prison, Judge Throws The Book At Him

Joshua Ziminski not only attacked Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020, he was later charged with arson that started the fire and riots the night that began Rittenhouse’s nightmare, but now that Ziminski is in Judge Bruce Schroeder courtroom, the nightmare for Ziminski is getting kicked off.

“Last January, prosecutors indicted Ziminski for felony arson after video footage on his wife’s phone showed him starting a fire in a dumpster, asking fellow rioters for lighter fluid to help it spread, and pushing the dumpster into the road as police vehicles approached. Another video shows Ziminski at the scene of an overturned, burning trailer, ‘manipulating the fire with his right foot,’ according to the criminal complaint,” The Western Journal reported.

Judge Bruce Schroeder wants the police and DA to investigate to see if new crimes will be charged involving intimidation of State’s witness Nathan Debruin.

Ziminski was already charged with a misdemeanor count of dangerous use of a weapon, and this is where his nightmare gets worse- already things are on a downward spiral for him and his legal team just before Jury selection on the other charges was scheduled to begin.

Now Ziminski is back in jail at the judge’s request, who surprised the world with how he treated Kyle Rittenhouse.  We are in for some more surprises with this trial- and the media is in hiding.

“Kenosha County Circuit Court records show that Kenosha defense attorney Terry Rose appeared before Judge Bruce Schroeder as jury selection was to begin and reported that his client, Kenosha amateur photographer Nathan DeBruin, had been intimidated by Ziminski,” Kenosha News reported Monday.

According to court documents, this all happened after a discussion in the courtroom that was very displeasing to Schroeder, who raised Ziminski’s bond from the $1,000 he previously posted to $14,000.

According to local Kenosha news, jail records show that Ziminski was in custody Monday afternoon.

DeBruin had testified during Rittenhouse’s trial in November. According to Rose, the photographer’s lawyer, Ziminski yelled at DeBruin as he entered the courthouse and demanded that he produce a photo taken of Ziminski at the riots.

“DeBruin was visibly shaken,” Rose said. “I told the judge about it, called it intimidation, and asked that Ziminski be penalized by being held in the county jail pending the outcome of the trial.”

The Mainstream-establishment Media is not paying any attention to the ongoing drama of the Kenosha riots from the Summer of 2020, when leftist activists were allowed to torch cities and intimidate American citizens.

They completely ignore the ongoing saga and Ziminski’s actions, offenses, and trial.

The media is, as always, ignoring the crumbling leftist narrative, which their media allies painted about Rittenhouse and the events of that summer.

Schroeder appears to be poised to hold Ziminski accountable for his actions, which is something the left is not accustomed to seeing happen.  The mainstream-legacy-establishment media must be shocked about a judge who follows the laws, protects citizens, and “throws the book” and the guy who appears to have felt entitled to behave in many criminal ways.





  1. John

    February 7, 2022 at 12:32 pm

    This leads me to believe that justice has not yet disappeared in America.

  2. samuel

    February 7, 2022 at 10:58 pm

    those little pushes are like counting coup

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