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Rising Star Rep. Byron Donalds DESTROYS Crazy Democrat Carolyn Maloney After She Thugs Out Against Oil Execs [VIDEO]

Carolyn Maloney and House Democrats thugged out against the top oil company executives, accusing them of spreading misinformation. Do you mean like misinformation where you say there are only 10 years to save the Earth? That began 28 years ago.

Or my favorite. When carbon dioxide reaches 430 PPM, the Earth will burn up. Ice cores reveal that carbon was at 4,400 PPM during the Late Ordovician Period and the Earth didn’t burn up. The Late Ordovician Period was an Ice Age.

Or how about the hole in the ozone layer. That was a joke because they said the hole was over the Arctic. But let me remind you of two very important facts. Ozone is created by the sun and the sun does not shine in parts of the Arctic for 6 months out of every year.

In fact, the global warming debate has been going on for decades and computer model after computer model have all been proven wrong.

Global warming scientists refuse to even debate skeptics ever since they lost a series of debates many years ago. They claim it’s “settled science.” But, no science is ever truly settled.

Scientists still argue over E=MC2. And now we know there’s no such thing as gravity. It’s just that the Democrats suck so much.

Rep. Byron Donalds: Let’s be clear you need an apology because what I witnessed here today was just rank intimidation by the chair of this committee. Trying to get you to pledge on what you are going to spend your money on is a gross violation against the First Amendment… It is disgusting.

It is absolutely disgusting. Somebody needs to call Merrick Garland and tell him to get in here and watch the intimidation that came from this very panel today. Because this is not about defending big oil or defending big anything.

It is about the people in this country to be free, say anything they want, think what they want, spend their money how they choose. And if we’re not going to be any better than the Chinese, how do we ever expect to beat them on the world stage.

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