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Riot Declared In Portland As Antifa Throw Explosives At Police Over Rittenhouse Verdict

Portland loves a good riot and they never run out of excuses for them. There is National Potato Day, The fourth of September, and of course Free Kyle Rittenhouse Day. And just like the Fourth of September, there are the traditional fireworks in the evening, the moment the police show up. The young domestic terrorists threw rocks, damaged property, and fired explosives at cops and a swell time was had by all.

The only good thing you can say about the city is that their tourist bureau is never understaffed. In fact, the bureau employees now outnumber the tourists by a wide margin. On Friday night the thugs were out in force, celebrating the Kyle R%ittenhouse verdict. Over 200 rioters began breaking windows, knocking down the doors of city buildings, and throwing objects at the police.

The rioters threatened to set Portland’s Justice center on fire, a building currently used as the Portland Police Bureau’s headquarters and house a county jail and courtroom.

A squadron of armed police officers are seen retreating to a garage for safety while the domestic terrorists swarm them, in footage documenting the riot.

The domestic terrorists took delight in writing graffiti all over all of the buildings with such slogans as “Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty,” and “F*#k Kyle.” One video showed them throwing a  Flashbang into a parking lot being used by the police.      Another video shows the shattered windows of the Multnomah County Office building smashed by the anarchist mob.

Fro The Gateway Pundit

It was not clear if any arrests had been made late Friday.

Meanwhile, according to Biden’s Justice Department, law-abiding Americans who oppose Covid measures and believe that Joe Biden is illegitimately occupying the White House are “terror threats.”

Under the two-tiered justice system, leftwing rioters burn down government buildings and attack police regularly with little or no repercussion while patriots who protested the stolen election on Jan. 6 —some who stood in the Capitol building for just minutes as federal agents held the doors open–  have been languishing in a DC jail for months where they are segregated and subject to torture.

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