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Republicans Introduce ‘Congressional Review Act’ To Remove Biden’s Illegal Vaccine Mandate

A remarkable 195 House Republicans and all 50 Republican senators, have stood up to support a resolution that was introduced this week to undo President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate, Representative Fred Keller (R-PA) said.

“We’re working to undo the illegal mandates for vaccines by Joe Biden. [It’s] clearly an overreach of authority to have OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, come to private employers and dictate to them whether or not their employees have to be vaccinated to have a job,” Keller said.

“In America, we have personal liberties and freedoms, and this is an overreach. And what we’re doing is we’re working to strike down that mandate and we know we’re on the right path,” he said, pointing to the stay that was placed on the mandate by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Keller announced the resolution last week called the Congressional Review Act (CRA), and as it was being introduced, it had over 160 Republican members supporting it. Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) introduced a companion bill in the US Senate, which is being supported by all 50 Republican senators.

The Pennsylvania Republican spelled out the process of CRA, explaining that it has to pass both chambers and land on the president’s desk. The representative said they want to bring it up for a vote and then send it to Biden “because what it will say, it will say, if there’s a member of Congress who does not support this, you’re basically saying you’re with authoritarian rule [and] taking away people’s personal rights and liberties.”

I don’t yet know the list of House Republicans who support it, but I can almost guarantee Brian Fitzpatrick, my representative, is not one of them. He’s a member of the Republican wing of the Democratic Party.

“And if you sign on with it and join us in striking down this mandate with the Congressional Review Act, you’re standing with the American people in making sure that the government doesn’t become too big and take your rights and liberties,” he said.

It’s about time. I was wondering where the heck have all the Republicans been all this time?

The Pennsylvania congressman said they are “pushing to do everything we can to get this out of the Senate and House and, quite frankly, get the president to veto it. This is where it’s at.”

Don’t get overexcited, folks. Remember how the Republicans voted a gazillion times to repeal Obamacare and then when they got the majorities and had the chance to do it, and then President Donald Trump was ready to sign it, they didn’t do it. They fundraised off that promise and they screwed the country in the end. Let’s hope this isn’t the same thing.

“Anybody that doesn’t sign on to it can’t claim to want to protect your liberties and freedoms. We took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, which guarantees us rights. It tells us we limit the power to the government, we the people, not the other way around,” he said.

The Congress never gave the authority to do a vaccine mandate to the Executive branch. They also never gave OSHA the authority to enforce it.

Keller said the resolution applies to “telling people what they have to do to keep a job or get a job.” Knowing that it is “clearly” illegal, it “should not be done at all,” he added. He said there are Democrat voters in districts who are not going to put up with it and he warned that congressional Democrats had better join them to repeal the vaccine mandate or face their own constituents.

“You either stand with the overreach of power from an executive, or you stand with the freedom and liberties and the American people. That’s the difference between supporting this and not supporting this,” he said.

Keller is optimistic that they can have all the Republicans joining them by next week. After that, they will begin to work with the Democrats.

He explained that the resolution is part of a larger effort to wipe out the OSHA rule. Keller praised the effort, saying, “if you strike down any regulation with the Congressional Review Act, they can’t bring it up again.”

“It forbids them from making the regulation again in the future by any other administration” because it has the force of the law, he said.

“If the president would have the audacity to veto it, I would hope we have enough members of Congress to say you don’t have that authority and we’d override a veto,” Keller said.

That’s a huge hurtle to overcome. Many Democrats today are pro authoritarian. They love crushing freedoms and liberties. They are dangerous to our republic and they need to lose in their next election.

I think we should all support this Republican effort. It’s not just about the mandate. That’s bad enough. But if they get away with this vaccine mandate, then there is no telling what they will do next because, to the authoritarians, giving up the sovereignty of your own body is the ultimate sign that you have been defeated. Tyrants never give up their power willingly. It’s never happened in world history. Our fight is against the tyranny of the Left. If we allow America to lose her freedoms, then there is no place left on earth for people yearning to be free to go.

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