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Attacking Trump

Reports Show FBI Is Investigating the Smallest Possible Voter Infringement They Can Find- Who are the Clowns?

The aloof Enemy Media and the Elite Democrat Party have colluded together to marginalize and ignore reports by President Donald J. Trump, his legal team and his administration, along with Trump’s massive number of supporters, to stay above the concerning evidence and stories of massive election integrity issues in the 2020 Presidential election.

Reports last week came out that US Attorney General William Barr was that the FBI had not seen enough evidence of voter fraud to change the election results that the Democrat-Enemy Mediah claim is true. Therefore America is stuck with the results of what the allied forces claim is true.

That might be because the FBI is busy doing what some people call “Naval gazing,” they are looking at the smallest hint of fraud, which is apparently going to turn into nothing, but done so they can claim they were serving the American public.

In their article, Investigators seize devices from Fountain Hills residence in voter data theft case, Jen Fifield Uriel J. Garcia the Arizona Republic reported:

Law enforcement officials served a search warrant at the home of a Fountain Hills man and seized computers, hard drives, and other storage devices as part of an investigation into voter data theft from the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office website.

The property was seized Nov. 5.

The search warrant sought records relating to computer intrusion or conspiracy to commit computer intrusion from Oct. 21 through early November.

According to the warrant, investigators were looking for records, information and communications related to the office’s:

  • Login credentials and accounts.
  • Voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.
  • The transfer, sharing or dissemination of voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.
  • Unauthorized access to the office’s website and computer systems.
  • Attempts or threats to damage computer systems.

The Maricopa County IT security staff identified the intrusion, according to Megan Gilbertson, spokesperson for the office.

Visit for their full article.

Analysis by county IT security staff indicates an unauthorized individual gathered publicly accessible voter information from the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office website. Additional security controls were put in place to mitigate against this activity occurring in the future,” Gilbertson said in a statement.  

“The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office has reported this to proper authorities and law enforcement personnel, and there is an ongoing investigation by the FBI at this time. The county is cooperating with the investigation.” Gilbertson said.

The property was seized from the residence of Elliot Kerwin, who identifies himself on LinkedIn as an information technology professional


Forbes reported on the matter, “He [Elliot Kerwin] is not yet facing charges and was unreachable for comment at the time of publication. There is no indication that anything other than voters’ information, which can be acquired for a few hundred dollars in Arizona counties, was taken from the affected office.”

“The warrant, discovered by Forbes  this week, reveals investigators have been looking into a computer intrusion at an unnamed “victim office,” which occurred from October 21 to November 4. At the Kerwin residence, they were looking for any evidence within the seized computers that showed they’d been used to access the IT network at the office, as well as “protected voters’ information” and any indication that it had been disseminated to other people. 

Of the 15 county recorder’s offices contacted by Forbes about the investigation, only one, Maricopa County, confirmed voter data had been stolen, noting that a federal investigation was underway. The Maricopa County Recorder’s office, which is just 30 minutes’ drive south from Kerwin’s home, did not confirm whether or not the investigation was the same as that referred to in the search warrant, Thomas Brewster wrote in his article, Exclusive: The FBI Is Investigating Voter Data Theft In This Key 2020 Election Battleground.


In the meantime, representatives from the Dominion Voting Systems have refused to allow any inspection of the systems that tabulated the votes from the American election. We are told we cannot see, and the Enemy media, the Democrats, and the FBI/DOJ agree.

Sunday, a Federal Judge ordered that the Trump Campaign is allowed a Forensic Audit of 22 Dominion Machines in Michigan. Results should be in by Tuesday. If the President of the United States can not get the FBI to take the American Presidential election seriously, what exactly is the FBI’s purpose anymore?

Do you feel like you are watching a clown show?

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