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Reports: Americans Grow More Concerned About Election Integrity with Passing of Time, Treated with Distain by State’s AG

The Epoch Times had an excellent article out on Saturday discussing the increased concerns that Americans have over the safety of elections, that appears to be growing with the length of time it has taken to tabulate vote counts and report on the winners in very important political races that will determine the outcome of many top issues which concern them.

From the Epoch TImes article, Arizonians Concerned Over Integrity of Election as Counts Continue by Bowen Xaio:

As voters across the country wait anxiously for the results of the 2020 presidential race to come through, hundreds of Arizonians gathered outside the Maricopa County Elections Department—where ballots are still being counted—to voice their concerns on the integrity of the election process.

The race between Presidential candidates in Arizona currently remains neck-and-neck. It is one of a few key states that the White House says constitutes a path to victory for President Donald Trump.

Arizonians just want to make sure their votes are counted appropriately and deposited in the right name, said Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), who spoke briefly to the crowd.

And the concern are not just growing in Arizona. In the days after the Presidential election was to end, Tuesday, as the vote counting continues on, people are gathering near their voting places to observe the counting, or to protest, or to just gather with likeminded people, who are upset at what they see strange behavior by officials.

Elected officials in Democrat States are eyeing the angry and frustrated reactions of the people, with a sometimes taunting manner, going on their social media to call people names and discredit them, which is not helpful.

Attorney General of Michigan, Dana Nessel, who is openly promoting the Democrat Party, and not the State of Michigan, wrote on Saturday about her concerns over the anger of the people, while she is openly taunting them:

The Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, also taunts people on his Twitter timeline:

Shapiro proudly retweeted this taunt:

And openly laughs and mocks people’s concerns:

Attorney General of Nevada:

Attorney General of North Carolina:

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