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Report: White House Planning to Refer Brad Raffensperger to Secret Service for Investigation Under the Espionage Act

Georgia S of S Brad Raffensperger could soon be charged under the Espionage Act after he or one of his staff leaked the contents of the phone call to the far, far left Washington Post.

The WaPo then made things look far worse than they actually were by massively editing the transcript of the call. Their claim is that Trump demanded that S of S Raffensperger find enough votes for him to win.

What they left out was the context. President Trump listed off the entire litany of suspicious voting activity. What he asked Raffensperger to do was to weed out the illegal votes not to manufacture ones for himself. There is a vast difference between the two narratives.

The phone call was attended by attorneys along with a notice that as a “confidential settlement discussion”  on a matter still waiting to be heard, the call was confidential.

That is a violation of both state and federal law. Yet Raffensperger wants Trump investigated for asking him to actually look into the voter fraud.

Raffensperger, who has effectively ended his career as a Republican elected official will have to switch parties to have any chance of winning again. Ditto Gov Brian Kemp. Raffensperger has asked the FBI to investigate Trump for making the legal telephone call. At the same time, authorities have been asked by Trump and his team that Raffensperger be investigated for his illegal recording and release of the phone call.

From The Gateway Pundit

Georgia Republican chairman David Shafer later announced that President Trump and his team filed two lawsuits against Secretary of State Raffensperger.

David Shafer: President Donald Trump has filed two lawsuits – federal and state – against Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. This was after Raffensperger secretly recorded the “confidential settlement discussion” of that litigation that is still pending. The audio published by the Washington Post is heavily edited and omits the stipulation that all discussions were for the purpose of settling litigation and confidential under federal and state law.

In the one-hour phone call on Saturday, President Trump insisted he won the state and threatened vague legal consequences. Trump attorneys and Georgia attorneys were on the call.

Raffensperger’s team later leaked the call to the far-left Washington Post.
It took 24 hours for the Washington Post to publish a hit piece, using edited audio clips, on the president’s phone call.

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