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REPORT: Most of Biden’s Top People Have No Business Experience Which Explains Why the Country Is a Mess

When you use incompetent people, you get incompetent results.

According to the Committee to Unleash Prosperity (CUP), the majority of Joe Biden’s top people in his administration have no business experience at all.

The Committee conducted a survey of the Biden administration, exposing that most of the people who make up the disastrous Biden administration have no experience in business.

The Executive Summary of the study says:

Based on our survey of the top 68 officials in the Biden administration, starting with the president himself,
and including cabinet members, regulatory officials, and White House advisers, this study finds:

• 62% of Biden appointees who deal with economic policy, regulation, commerce, energy
and finance have virtually no business experience.
• Only one in eight has extensive business experience.
• Average business experience of Biden appointees is only 2.4 years.
• Median years of business experience is zero.
• The vast majority of the Biden economic/commerce team members are professional
politicians, lawyers, community organizers, lobbyists, or government employees.

We also compared the Biden administration’s business experience to President Trump’s cabinet
officials during his last year in office. We found that the average Trump cabinet member had
13 years of business experience, and the median years of experience was 8. A breakdown of this
analysis is available on our website.

It’s almost as if President Biden’s handlers hate business types and wanted the country to be run by a bunch of ideologues. Normally, Democrat administrations are filled with crony capitalists from Goldman Sachs. That’s not to say that Republican administrations didn’t have them as well, but they didn’t fill their economic advisors from Sachs the way Democrats did. That’s because most Democrats who make it to the White House have little to no real-world business experience.

Most of the people in this administration are either professional students, professional bureaucratic politicians, radical woke ideologues, or a combination of them all.

Our country is run like a corporation. In fact, it is a corporation after the United States Reorganization act of 1871. Think about it. We have a president, vice president, and secretaries just like a business. Unlike government, a business has stockholders to answer to. They have a bottom line. The dollars and cents need to match up at the end of the day. Everything and everyone must be accountable. And the buck stops at the top.

Under the Biden regime, the buck never gets to Joe Biden. He has handlers who do everything for him because they knew he was senile when they pushed for him to run for president. I am fairly sure that without medications, he can’t even function anymore.

This is why the country did great during the Trump administration. He ran the country like a business because that’s what he knew. He tried to cut spending wherever possible and he got rid of red tape so that the country could grow.

The Trump administration achieved economic records with low to no inflation and record low unemployment numbers. Joe Biden likes to claim that the Trump administration lost millions of jobs and the economy took a hit, attempting to make it appear that Donald Trump‘s economic policies were the cause. But everyone with a pulse who is not senile knows it was the Democrat governors and mayors during the COVID-19 pandemic who shut down businesses and locked American citizens down. The gall of those people to claim they had the right to determine which Americans were “essential” and which were not never ceases to anger me.

The Republicans may not be the solution to all of your problems, but there is no doubt that the Democrats are the cause of all of your problems.

Our country is a mess right now because it is being run by a bunch of radical woke crazies who care more about staying in line with their ideology than running the country and allowing the American people to do their thing. It’s why we should not expect this group of losers to pull us out of the inflation doom and gloom that they created.

America should be run by people who understand business and not the current herd of lunatics working out of the White House.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

Fight tech tyranny. Join Rich on, where free speech is still free. Join the revolution!

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