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REPORT: Jacob Blake Posts Bail – Warrants Vacated – Released From Custody

The video of Jacob Blake’s shooting during an incident in which he was seen disobeying police commands and ultimately getting shot while reaching for a knife on the floor of his car has been repeatedly flashed across our news feeds and touted by the liberal media as being a blatantly racist case of police brutality (if you bundle together all the negative anti-police spin).

The incident was exploited to trigger another firestorm of rioting, vandalism, and arson in Kenosha and in other cities across the country, resulting in more mayhem and property destruction as we reported in the article Kenosha Business Owner’s Store Burnt to Rubble: ‘Why Did We Deserve This?’ [VIDEOS].

Wisconsin’s governor had this to say:

The most recent news we have about Blake is that he has now posted bond, his warrants have been vacated, and has been released from custody.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on August 28th regarding Blake, stating:

“The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office assisted the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office with the hospital watch for much of this period [while Blake was in custody]. 

MCSO worked very closely with the hospital and Mr. Blake’s legal team to ensure a safe and dignified environment for Mr. Blake, consistent with best law enforcement and hospital practices for security and visitation.

“Earlier today, Mr. Blake posted the bond underlying the arrest warrant, enabling his release from custody. 

The hospital watch was discontinued immediately after receiving this information from Kenosha authorities.” 

Earlier reports give the impression that the charges in the arrest warrants have been vacated. That is not accurate.

While the warrants themselves were vacated, that simply means they are no longer active because they have been served and he posted the correct bond to secure his release.

Patrick Cafferty, Blake’s attorney, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that the criminal case against Blake was still ongoing.  Cafferty said:

“The charges are still pending and we will be dealing with those.”   

Attorney Cafferty also said that Blake will plead not guilty to the charges against him.


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