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Report: Georgia Prosecutor ‘Increasingly Likely’ to Open Criminal Investigation into President Trump

When did Georgia become California or New York? There is now a story out of Georgia that a prosecutor is looking into charging President Trump’s call to crooked Georgia SOS Brad Raffensperger in which he laid out several instances of voter fraud. He then told Raffensperger to find him the votes from those cases to overturn the election. But, the Democrats, including Raffensperger said his call was illegal.

That phone call was illegally leaked. Raffensperger did not even look into the fraud despite the evidence including the four hidden suitcases full of votes hidden under tables until the Republicans and the press were kicked out. Both he and Gov Brian Kemp are going to be one termers.

You can bet the combination of Trump campaigning against them and the voter’s anger at them spells doom to their political careers.

In another display of arrogance by those two is that they did away with the state law requiring ID for all mail-in ballots but they have declared that the provision will be reinstated for their elections. That won’t make the voters any happier with them.

The same holds true with matching signatures. That will be done in 2022 but was not in 2020. A recent poll shows Doug Collins leading Kemp in the governor’s race by a wide margin.

From the New York Times:

The new Fulton County district attorney, Fani Willis, is already weighing whether to proceed, and among the options she is considering is the hiring of a special assistant from outside to oversee the investigation, according to people familiar with her office’s deliberations.

At the same time, David Worley, the lone Democrat on Georgia’s five-member election board, said this week that he would ask the board to make a referral to the Fulton County district attorney by next month.

Fulton Country is where all the votes magically appeared for Joe Biden and where the suitcases were pulled out after no one was left to keep track of them.

From The Blaze

The impeachment article claims Trump’s rhetoric about the election, that it was “stolen” or “rigged,” incited the deadly violence on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, the same day a joint-session of Congress convened to certify Biden’s Electoral College victory.

The impeachment resolution was approved by a vote of 232-197. Every Democrat supported the resolution, and they were joined by 10 Republicans, including Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the third-highest ranking House Republican.

So much for unity. What the Democrats are doing is making President Trump a kingmaker and woe to those RINO Republicans who voted for his impeachment in the House. You can bet they will all be primaried and will have Trump campaigning against them.

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