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Rep. Swalwell Exploited His 4-Year-Old Child To Blame Republicans For Supermarket Shooter In Buffalo New York, Twitter Was Not Kind

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is taking fire from Twitter users after he used his 4-year-old son to virtual signal gun control over the recent fatal Buffalo shooting to push for gun control.

“My 4-year-old just FaceTimed to ask what I’m doing to ‘help the people in Buffalo’ and ‘why did the bad man do this?’ Absolutely gutting,” Swalwell posted to Twitter on Monday.

A lot of users came out to mock Swalwell for his incredibly slimy tweet.

“My newborn, upon exiting the womb, looked up at me with her barely-open eyes and asked why politicians feel the need to create fictional stories about their offspring to make bad points,” conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey replied.

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire chimed in to slam Swalwell over Democrat policies that are focusing more on Ukraine than Americans who are having real trouble in the midst of a baby formula shortage.

“My 4-year-old just FaceTimed to ask ‘why did US politicians vote to give Ukraine 40 billion dollars while we face record inflation and baby formula shortages?’ Absolutely gutting. This cannot be normal. It’s time to JAIL TREASONOUS POLITICIANS LIKE @RepSwalwell,”

A user who said they like Swalwell also told him he full of bullschtein.

“Eric, I like you, but even I’m putting this in the ‘things that didn’t happen’ pile. This isn’t 4-year-old behavior. Cartoons are where it’s at for kids that age.”

“My 5-year old just FaceTimed to ask, ‘why would the bad man let his 4-year old watch news about a mass murder incident?’ Absolutely gutted,” another user wrote.


Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon hit home to Swalwell’s asinine post in only the way the Bee can.

“My three-year-old just emailed me and asked why I bought him ‘a toy gun that mimics its deadly counterpart.’ He told me our family was ‘normalizing violence.’ He attached a video of himself tossing it in the trash. Heart-wrenching. It’s time to ban toy guns, too.”

Blaire White, conservative transgender social media personality, chimed in for fun.

“My 4-year-old non binary, triple amputee, transracial child just FaceTimed me and told me you’re f*cking annoying.”

Swalwell fired back at people questioning the authenticity of his original tweet.

I responded to the congressman by letting him know what a liar I believe he is.

“No one believes you, and I do mean no one, including the people who live in those little mud huts.

You’re a born liar and not very good at it.”

Mark Dice responded to Swalwell who just exploited his 4-year-old son: “Is he wearing a dress?”

Swalwell responded to almost everyone accusing him of lying about his child said.

“Yeah cause I have time to make up shit my 4 year old says.”

I believe Eric Swalwell exploited his 4-year-old child to insult Republicans by sending out an anti-gun, anti Second Amendment message. There is no lower form of life than someone who exploits their own young children.


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