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Rep. Swalwell (D-CA) Refuses To Talk About Honeypot Relationship With Chinese Spy, Blames It All On Trump

Two days ago, on December 8, Axios broke a bombshell story that California Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell was closely involved with a spy, Fang Fang, or Christine Fang, from China who fundraised for his campaign and planted an intern inside his office.  What a dope!

The next day we reported that House minority leader Kevin McCarthy said that “Not only should he [Swalwell] be removed from the Intel [Committee]. He should be removed from Congress, as well.”

On the same day the story broke, during an interview on Politico, rather than respond to questions about how much he was involved with the suspected honeypot spy, Swalwell did what he is known to do; he blamed his own culpability on President Donald Trump.  What an irresponsible schmuck.  I hope the people in his district are paying attention.

For the last four years the most dangerous place to be was between Eric Swalwell and a news camera.   This pathetic loser spent all of that time trashing our president every chance he got by continuing the spread the lie about the Russian collusion hoax.

And after the Mueller witch hunt ended with a conclusion of no evidence whatsoever that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia we never got that apology from this reprobate.  And now, he’s blaming Trump for his relationship with a probably Chinese spy.

I’m not kidding. Here’s what this clown said.

“I’ve been a critic of the president. I’ve spoken out against him. I was on both committees that worked to impeach him,” Swalwell said in an interview on Tuesday. “The timing feels like that should be looked at.”

Yeah, the Trump administration was so worried, so deranged over the lunatic rantings of Eric Swalwell that they bypassed anybody like the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and they went straight for the tough guy, the badass, the Howdy Doody lookalike, Eric the porcelain doll of the Communist Chinese Party Swalwell.

Swalwell added: “What it appears though that this person — as the story reports — was unsuccessful in whatever they were trying to do. But if intelligence officials are trying to weaponize someone’s cooperation, they are essentially seeking to do what this person was not able to do, which is to try and discredit someone.”

Swalwell doesn’t need a bombshell story of how he served as an Asian useful idiot for a country that is trying to take our place in the world to be discredited.  He has been doing that on his own for quite some time.

According to the yóunì, gangà Congressman from California, the real story here is not that he was duped by a female Chinese spy who may have gotten government intelligence from him, after all, he does sit on the House Intelligence Committee, but rather, that the media is reporting on this story at all and not on the fact that it was all Trump’s fault.  This is the same Chinese spy who gave sexual favors to a couple of mayors

Swalwell wants to change the narrative that it’s not a story about him and a female Chinese spy, but about the reporting on him and a female Chinese spy.  He wants you to believe that Axios, which is not a conservative, pro-Trump outlet in the slightest, did a hit piece on him to help the Trump administration undermine Swalwell’s integrity, even though we already know all about the congressman’s lack of integrity when Sir Fartsalot tries to obstruct and shift the blame for his actions elsewhere.

In fact, the Trump administration was so evil they got Axios to publish the story after the election to ensure maximum damage. #EyeRoll

Remember when he farted like a pack mule eating fried eggrolls on live TV?  He denied what everyone saw and heard during his live interview as he was – you guessed it – attacking Trump with more lies.

And he found liberal vindication for lying about farting like Tasmanian Devil eating a box of burritos filled with raspberries on live TV when Hardball threw him a towel claiming the noise was really a coffee mug being slid across the anchor desk.  I’ve tried sliding about a half dozen different types of coffee mugs over my kitchen table and none of them sounded like a whoopee cushion  gone nuclear.

And then there’s this. According to Politico, Sir Fartsalot refused to talk about his relationship with the Fang.  After being asked about a possible romantic relationship with the Chinese spy, Fartman won’t talk about it.  I honestly believe the American people have a right to know, because of his position in Congress being on the Intel Committee.  If the Chi-Coms sent in a honeypot to get American intelligence then we have a right to know.  I don’t want the gruesome details because I don’t like throwing up in my own mouth, but I would like to know if they had a romantic relationship.

And don’t even think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will do anything about it.  She’s already defended him staying on the Intelligence Committee.  Swalwell allegedly said that Pelosi knew about the situation before he was put on the committee, yet no Republican was made aware according to the New York Post. In that past, before the Democratic Party went nuts and began politicizing e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, Swalwell would have been off that committee very quickly. But the Democrats now care less about our national security than one of their own who trashes Donald Trump regularly. It’s a total disgrace.

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