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Rep. Rashida Tlaib Votes ‘No’ On Democratic Party Platform, Nominating Biden

This is a classic case of someone doing the right thing for the wrong reason.
Rashida Tlaib has voted against the Democratic Party platform and for Bernie Sanders, not Joe Biden for the party nomination.

It is the right thing to do because the Democratic platform is so extreme but Tlaib voted against fort not being extreme enough. Ditto her vote for Sanders over Biden.

Not that either vote she placed will make any difference as the platform and the Biden nomination will both pass.


Tlaib said she couldn’t vote for the platform because it does not include Medicaid for mall or a similar single payer plan. Joe Biden is against a single payer plan because he wants Hunter to get paid by as many sources as humanly possible. China, Russia, Ukraine and as many others as possible.

But the truth is a Biden/Harris administration will fight for Medicaid for All, but they have to pretend like they aren’t to get elected before they turn against those who voted for them.

Harris is them most progressive person in the US Senate and she supports one size fits all government healthcare insurance.

Bernie Sanders confirms this:

“We’re going to continue the fight for Medicare for all. We have a health care system today that’s dysfunctional; too many people are uninsured; too many people are underinsured; too many people are going bankrupt because of medical bills. We pay almost twice as much per capita as the people of any other country. The function of health care is to guarantee health care to all, not make huge profits for the drug companies and the insurance companies. That fight continues the day after Joe Biden is elected president.” 

But at least it’s good to finally see Tlaib doing the right thing for any reason, even if it’s the wrong one.


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