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Rep. Lauren Boebert Says the Second Amendment Is An ‘Equalizer’ and ‘Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights’

Rep. Boebert says the right to bear arms is an equalizer for women. Don’t take that right for granted.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Friday, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) explained that the Second Amendment is an equalizer.

The freshman Colorado Republican included gun rights with women’s rights.

“The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting,” Boebert said. “And it certainly doesn’t have to do with anything with deers having Kevlar vests. It’s actually an equalizer. Gun rights are women’s rights. And I need an equalizer to defend myself against a larger potential aggressor. That’s why most people carry. So they have a way to defend themselves. And we have the Second Amendment to protect us from a tyrannical government. But this is important to me because I’m a mom of four boys. And I need a way to protect them, to defend our lives. And that is what this is all about.”

It’s understanding why Boebert explains the Second Amendment as women’s rights. We have just lived through two years where Democrats have defunded police departments and Soros-funded woke district attorneys are not charging people for specific crimes and/or doing away with bail for many crimes, essentially flooding the streets with bad guys who should be sitting in a jail cell.

At the same time the Democrats are doing that, they fight to remove our Second Amendment right to self defense. We have watched crime rates soar in those jurisdictions, but they don’t seem to care. And why would they? Many of them have body guards who carry guns to protect them. The goal is to disarm America, and they will never stop until that happens.

“I have a pretty interesting story in my book, ‘My American Life,’ about what spurred me to get passionate about the Second Amendment,” Boebert said. “I saw so many politicians giving our freedoms away rather than securing our rights like they took an oath to do. And I even challenged Beto O’Rourke whenever he said that he was going to come and take our guns. And now I’m taking on Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats, and unfortunately, two Republicans in the House to make sure that the American people’s second amendment rights do not get taken away.”

One of the two GOP traitors that Boebert was referring to was my own congressman, Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (RINO-PA) who voted to violate the Second Amendment Friday evening in an attempt to take away a variety of AR-15 rifles, which is the most popular rifle in America. I will never vote for this man again.

The main beef I have with the gun grabbers is that they continually want to go after the guns and not the people who use them improperly to harm innocent people. The overwhelming majority of gun owners in this country are not out there brandishing their weapons and using them for nefarious means. They just want to be able to defend themselves in a world that has gone mad.

It’s a cliche by now but it still rings true. Guns don’t kill people. People abusing guns kill people.

We live in an age where the truth gets attacked when it goes against the leftist narrative. The same misinformation news media that censors truth and lies to us with political spin every day created fact-checking sources that we’re supposed to believe. They use fact checks to push the same leftist narratives.

Take, for example, psychiatric drugs and what’s known as “SSRIs” or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Apparently, most of the young male mass shooters were on these types of drugs. Isn’t that something we should look into if it could be linked to mass shootings? Carlson pointed out that between 1991 and 2018 total SSRI prescriptions in the United States rose by more than 3,000%.”

Do we want to do the work to find out if these drugs are leading to mass shootings? Apparently not, because the phony fact checkers all say it’s not worth even looking into because there is no evidence to support SSRIs are contributing to mass shootings. The circumstantial evidence alone warrants a study, but blaming the shooters would destroy their anti-gun narrative.

Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host Tucker Carlson pointed out some facts that at least deserve to be looked into. Carlson gives reasons to call bullschtein when Democrats come up with things like red flag laws, universal background checks and other Second Amendment infringements.

He also talks about the rise in prescription drugs to deal with psychological issues and wonders if they could be having an adverse effect that is causing the mass shootings. If we’re going to get serious about mass shootings, then it’s worth looking into, but the Democrats want to blame the guns instead because they have a political agenda. Carlson gives anecdotal evidence of the increased use of prescription drugs in this country and mass shootings rising at the same time. Is there a correlation? We don’t know because no one wants to look into it.


Nobody wants criminals to have guns, but Democrats are not willing to do the hard work it takes to stop them. They just want to take away all guns, but it will never be “all” guns. It’s almost as if they want mass shootings to happen because they get to virtue signal arguments to disarm all of America, and trust me, if you think things are bad now, wait until only the criminals and the defunded police have guns.

The best example I ever heard of how to turn a country into a [rhymes with hit] hole by removing guns was an NRA commercial by a woman who emigrated from Venezuela, the once rich and vibrant country south of our border that was destroyed by the gun-grabbing leftists.


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