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Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) Thinks 1,000 Witnesses Saying Trump Lost Is More Powerful Than Millions of Lives Being Destroyed By His Party

They are too stupid to realize!

On Friday, on MSNBC’s “All In,” Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that during the House Select Committee [unconstitutional] investigation into the January 6 two-and-a-half-hour riot at the Capitol, they had over 1,000 witnesses, and not a single one believed President Donald Trump won in 2020.

Raskin said, “The truth has this power in investigations like this because things that seemed obscure or shadowy before suddenly become clear when you hear lots and lots of people talking about it. We had over 1,000 witnesses come in and freely talk to us about what was going on. Certain things just achieved a crystalline clarity. One was nobody bought the big lie. The attorney general of the United States put it, BS. They all understood it. There was no there there. It was complete nonsense. It was a joke. You are going to find lots of people commenting on it, and the Republicans are not even challenging that anymore.”

Let’s break that down. The Democrats politicized the riot, that everyone was in agreement was horrible to watch from the moment it broke out. It was almost as if they knew it was coming and they were ready for it. How come we’re not allowed to ask why? In fact, we were not allowed to ask anything that wasn’t already approved by the partisan committee.

The Democrats immediately began saying things like the riot was “the worst attack on the US Capitol since the War of 1812” and that was a bald-faced lie. In 1998, two Capitol police officers were shot and killed and an armed lunatic who stormed the Capitol. In 1983, an explosion ripped through the second floor of the Capitol’s north wing just outside the Senate when a bomb went off. In 1954, three men and one woman entered the visitor’s gallery in the Capitol. At 2:30 in the afternoon, all four unfurled a Puerto Rican flag and opened fire on the House floor. Five Congressmen were shot and wounded. In 1950, two Puerto Rican terrorists opened fired in the Blair House, which is the President’s guest house where President Truman, who they were trying to kill, was staying because work was being done on the White House. In 1915, a bomb with three sticks of dynamite that were planted in the Senate by a former professor of German at Harvard University, Erich Muenter, exploded. This bombing of the Senate is also listed right on the Senate’s website at

I’ve never been good with dates and events, but my Catholic School math does tell me that all of those incidents (and there were more) happened after the War of 1812. If we had an honest news media, the Democrats would never have been allowed to get away with that lie, and that lie helped to push the idea that the small riot that took place on January 6, when compared to the Summer of Love riots in 2020, was the worst thing that happened to our country. The message the Democrats sent was, you don’t want to be on the side of those disagreeing with that message. So naturally, you can find a thousand people, even some who supported Trump, agreeing with leading questions under oath that Trump did not win the 2020 election.

The fact that Democrats believe that number actually means anything is a testament to the lengths they are willing to go to gaslight America.

We’re not allowed to ask why if the FBI and Capitol Police were able to track down every one of the hundreds of people they arrested who were found using video footage of the Capitol that day, footage that Pelosi refused to release, how come they can’t find the bomber who is clearly on video dropping the bags with bombs in them at the DNC and RNC headquarters in DC surrounding the January 6 protest? They have the technology to get that guy but they refuse to even try.

Raskin added, “Also, everybody accepted that Donald Trump was engaged in a sequence of activities to try to vanquish and overthrow Joe Biden’s lawful majority in the electoral college. Everybody just accepted that, and everybody talks about it and the different methods that were used. And then finally, everybody understood completely that this mass crowd was influenced by domestic violent extremist groups that got to the head of it and right to the heart of it. And they were activated and incited and exhorted by all of Donald Trump’s tweets and battlefield instructions along the way over Twitter. We are going to be able to reconstruct the whole thing and tell the story. So, the street fighting and the inside political coup come together in an explosive way on January 6.”

A thousand witnesses? I can point to the better part of 329 million people who are or who will soon be worried that the policies of the Democratic Party are going to kill them graveyard dead of either starvation or by criminals allowed to attack them and their families.

The January 6 Select Committee is not a Constitutional body. The Congress is allowed to create committees for legislative purposes only. This committee is doing what it considers a criminal investigation, and that is a power the Constitution gives to the Executive branch, not the legislative branch.

This committee does not have a single member who thinks differently. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rejected House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s two picks for the committee and seated two RINO Trump haters, Representatives Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (RINO-IL) in their stead.

The committee ignored a plethora of exculpatory evidence for Trump that questions the legitimacy of the 2020 election as Liz Harrington, a Trump spokesperson, pointed out. Check out her tweets by clicking here.

Raskin wants to throw out numbers? How about a CNBC survey found that 68% of corporate CFO’s (Chief Financial Officer) are predicting a recession is coming soon. None of the CFO’s, zero, believed that a recession can be avoided and believe it’s inescapable.

Our economy is falling apart right in front of our eyes, and folks, it was done on purpose by the Democrats. Please pay attention to this. Inflation is a tool used by the government. Inflation can only be created by the government introducing more money into the money supply with nothing to back it. When people have more money, they spend it by consuming on products they need. When the number of goods start shrinking, and they always do when you don’t have enough people working to produce more products because they are being paid by the same government to stay home, and on top of that the country is suffering from a supply chain crisis that makes getting parts delivered in time for production nearly impossible, the cost of goods goes up because of the scarcity. Democrats call it price gouging because they don’t want to be blamed for what it really is: the result of government manipulated markets.

Why are the Democrats creating inflation? Because the government spent too much money. Our GDP to debt ratio is XXX. One thing inflation does is it lowers the value of your money. And that means it lowers the debt that the government has as well. Inflation is the only way this government can get a grip on the debt that no American voter authorized. They did this to us and now we’re going to pay for it.

Food prices, thanks to Democrat policies, were up by 5% in December and now beyond 10% over the year. When food becomes to costly to buy you have a crisis throughout the country. Another way to prove that the Democrats are crashing our country intentionally is to take a look at what President Biden just did with ethanol. Ethanol is made from a lot of corn. Corn is food.

Corn is an ingredient used to make a lot of other foods. Biden just created new regulations on ethanol to be used in vehicles instead of gasoline because gas prices are so high thanks to Joe Biden’s attacks on our energy sector.

There are decades of studies telling us that ethanol is not only not good for the environment, but is very bad for the environment. You can Google it for yourself. Ethanol has zero environmental benefit and Biden is lying when he says he wants us to use it because it’s good for the environment. He’s just lying. Ethanol is bad for land use and to you, the consumer, because ethanol is expensive to manufacture. As Tucker Carlson put it, the Biden administration is now going to force you, who soon may no longer be able to afford much food, to burn food in your car.

It takes 22 pounds of corn to produce 1 gallon of ethanol. Think about that. That’s corn that could go to feed livestock on farms, but now you’re going to burn it in your car, and the ethanol will damage your vehicle’s engine and gas tank and more. We know that from decades of studies too.

When corn was diverted to be used to create ethanol, decades of studies tell us that the cost of beef, chicken, pork, eggs, cereals, bread, and milk has led to major increases. So if Biden warned us of food shortages coming, then why is he forcing something that will make it even worse for the American people?

You probably haven’t heard about any of this from the misinformation news media because last night every network save one aired the exact same thing, the Democrat’s show trial, making it look like an event in North Korea.

You may ask, I thought this was a story about Jamie Raskin pontificating about a thousand witnesses against Trump? Yeah, it still is, except now you know why the Democrats are making such a fuss about January 6, 2021, that happened over a year and a half ago, to cover up the thousands of disasters they have created for you and your country. They want you to believe that your personal concerns like will you be able to feed your family soon, or can you afford to drive anywhere, or will an ambulance be able to drive to your home if you need one, or will the police be able to afford to drive to your home in the event of an emergency after gas prices go to record highs, are not what’s important. What’s important is whatever they tell you that you should be terrified of and the January 6 committee is just one of the tools they are using to build a common enemy to focus on hating instead of focusing on your real problems that were created by the Democrats.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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