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Rep. Gosar Responds to Speaker Pelosi’s Attempt to Have Him Stripped of Committee Assignments

Nancy Pelosi is trying to kick Paul Gosar off all of his committees after his staff posted an anime video showing Gosar fighting it out with AOC and Joe Biden at the border.

He knows that he will be voted off the committees because even if he gets a couple of Democrats to vote for him Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have said they will vote to remove him.

During a call to the Gateway Pundit, Gosar said:

“I just received word that Speaker Pelosi intends to hold a censure vote against me soon, maybe as early as this afternoon at three and strip me of my committee assignments over a cartoon my staff posted last week depicting the real-life battle taking place along the southern border — resulting from Mr. Biden’s open border policy.”

“I spoke up against the $450 thousand, the unbelievable gift of our money, to illegal aliens while our veterans remain homeless and families can barely hang on under this high inflation. So, they are attempting to cancel me for standing up to their dangerous agenda.” 

“I have said conclusively and decisively that there is no threat of violence in this cartoon, other than to point out the threat that illegal immigration poses to our country. If my cartoon can be banned, and my free speech is to be banned — then the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, and indeed most of Hollywood obviously could be banned as well — not to mention Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.”

Gosar went n to say that the people deserved someone to speak for them. He also pointed that Democrats because Gosar has criticized Biden’s open borders as well as the billions of dollars that Biden wants to bestow on them.

But, this could backfire on them because, without any committee assignments, Gosar can use all of his time concentrating on the border.

He can call a press conference every day exposing the billion upon millions of dollars the Build back Better bill will payout to illegal aliens and make sure the public knows about the $450,000 payouts he wants to give illegal aliens for invading this country.



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