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Rep. Cori Bush: ‘We’re facing threats from a growing far-right, white supremacist movement’ Across the County

It must be election time again. #smh

On Friday, Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) like clockwork, made an argument that there is a growing “white supremacist movement” in her state and America at large. It must be election time again. Of course, she provided no legitimate evidence, just a campaign video that is loaded with so many lies I am always on the lookout to see if her pants actually catch on fire.

She tweeted out her message that shows she is a deeply troubled woman. She included a campaign commercial that complements the lies she presented in the post.

“We’re facing threats from a growing far-right, white supremacist movement across Missouri and the country. But I’ve seen the power we hold when we come together. We’ve proven it & we’ll never back down. There’s so much at stake. Let’s continue this work. Together.”

In reality, we’re facing threats from a growing radical far-left woke ideology across the country. I wouldn’t know a white supremacist if one were standing next to me, but I can see woke supremacists throughout the country, Cori Bush being one of them. You can see them at work, in your children’s schools, sitting on school boards, in the halls of government, on corporate executive boards, in Hollywood, just about everywhere we turn there are woke supremacists who are actively trying to subvert our culture, our history, and our people. Some of these people have power and are abusing it to change our way of life without our permission. Thanks to the woke supremacists, we don’t even recognize our own country anymore from just two short years ago.

Right now we are being forced through a transition that woke supremacists in Washington, DC are pushing. They are okay with gas prices skyrocketing for average Americans so long as they get their Green New Deal implemented piece by unlawful executive order piece.

Woke supremacists are radical Marxists who hate America and espouse that everything about it is racist, sexist, homophobic ista-phobic-phoba-phobe, phobic-ista-phobe, [INSERT INSULT HERE].

Cori Bush is one of those activists who fights to bring down America from the inside. Just listen to her rants. She hates America. She hates everybody who is not like her. She is a racist in her own world, a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance.

Last month, Bush put out a statement about the US Supreme Court where she asserted “The Court’s jurisprudence of white supremacy is unjust, profound, and dangerous.” She accused the Supreme Court of supporting white supremacy!

On Friday, the Missouri congresswoman used her official account to tweet out a message about an unlawful attempt to codify abortion in the federal government.

“Today’s vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act is more crucial than ever. By codifying the right to abortion we can further reproductive, economic, and racial justice. I’m proud to have joined my colleagues in voting YES for reproductive rights.”

The ignorance of Democrats, not just Cori Bush, on their own job descriptions, is staggering. The Supreme Court, a separate and equal co-branch of government, recently ruled in the Dobbs case that ultimately overturned the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling, specifically telling the Congress and the Executive branch that the federal government has no role in abortion. The Court didn’t say it was because Roe was a Supreme Court decision and not a law passed by Congress. The Highest Court in the land said that abortion is not a right found in the Constitution.

And yet, somehow, many Dim Bulb Democrats, like Representative Bush here, believe that all they have to do is pass an abortion law and the world can go on slaughtering innocent unborn babies once again.

These Democrats are exposing how uneducated they are about their own job. They rule the country and yet they have no idea what they can and cannot do. Even in the face of the Supreme Court telling them that abortion is not a right found in the Constitution, they don’t understand it and so they make hair-brained statements like they’re going to codify abortion.

The Framers of our Constitution actually did give the Cori Bush’s of the world a way to codify abortion, but they have to do it in the form of an Amendment to the Constitution. In other words, if the federal government wants the power to regulate abortion, they have to ask the states for permission because, according to the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment, the authority to regulate abortion belongs to the states respectively, or the people.

Last year, the federal government brought in over $4 trillion in tax revenues. You would think with that kind of money they could afford to give out pocket Constitutions to each member of the Democratic Party and RINOs so that they don’t embarrass themselves.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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