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Rep Ayanna Pressley Calls for Unrest in the Streets, Targeting Republicans

Ayanna Pressley has sent the message out to the Democrat friends rioting across the country to continue to do what they do, but to make sure you target Republicans when you do it.

If President Trump had sent out a message like this the mainstream press would having a field day… but it’s okay when it’s a Democrat.

What does she mean when she says unrest I wonder? I think we all know what that means. After all, the squad refuses to condemn violence from Muslim terrorists.

Should they expect less from Godless terrorists? Democrats for some strange reason believe the riots benefit them in 2020 even when the voters feel that they are siding with the rioters.

Remember when the passive Tea Party came onto the scene? The mainstream media played them up as the second coming of the Nazis. But now that the Democrats approve of, or at least refuse to condemn the riots, the silence is deafening.

In fact the media is avoiding even talking about the looting, the burning of private and public property and the assaults on anyone who gets in their way, as if they aren’t really happening.

The IRS should investigate the media because their favored treatment of Democrats is the largest in-kind contribution they have ever gotten. In fact they would be guilty of making contributions far beyond legal limits.

Pressley is a member of The Squad that also includes fellow radicals AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, or as I affectionately call them “The Four Horse’s A**e* of the Apocalypse.

They are the most radical group in the US Congress. They consider Moa, Stalin and Lenin as being too far right wing for their tastes.

From Red State

The media’s bias on this issue is deeply disturbing and damaging. They are normalizing harassment and physical confrontation by left-wingers simply because someone may disagree with them.

Instead eliciting condemnation, these media outlets rush to promote this stuff, assure us that things are “mostly peaceful,” at outright gaslight the American people.

Something has to give or the only possible outcome is going to be more violence. People are not going to sit idly by forever as others block streets, threaten their families, and lay siege to their homes and neighborhoods.

Now more than ever, we need a responsible media that can help cool tensions. Instead, we have the dumpster fire that currently exists, which actively encourages mob rule.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ed Gonzales

    August 16, 2020 at 1:25 pm


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