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ReOpen NC Craziness: Democrat Roy Cooper Decrees Bars Close at 11PM, Strip Clubs With Buffets can Stay Open?

The Re-Open Wars. Are Strip clubs restaurants in North Carolina? The Gov. won’t specify.

Republican Pat McCrory, the former Governor of North Carolina deconstructed the latest press release by current Democrat Roy Cooper, who has insisted on dragging the state through a slow and agonizing re-open after Cooper’s Pandemic concerns have put the state in disarray and depression.

“We are announcing a Statewide curfew on the sale of alcohol,” Cooper said. “Bars will remain closes, and they have not been opened for a reason, because health experts say that places, where people gather closely, are a high transmission setting for this virus,” Cooper said at the press conference.

McCory announced Cooper’s latest harassment of North Carolinians on his radio program, after months of demanding bars and work out centers must remail in total shutdown and all businesses must require their patrons to wear face masks, Cooper dug in deeper and made a further demand; No more Alcholol after 11PM.

“Cooper has started a Curfew on sale of alcohol which starts Friday, July 31st 11 PM, Bars will remain close,” McCrory said.

Reading from a transcript, McCrory repeated what Cooper said, “We want to prevent restaurants from becoming bars after hours.”

“That doesn’t include grocery stores or convenience stores, The hypocrisy and deceit in that statement is amazing.  We have not opened up bars except in restraints and taverns that the Governor made an exception for, and what happens after 11:00?” McCrory said.

But not all establishments selling alcohol are restaurants.  Cooper allowed an exemption to the demand bars stay closed by allowing wineries and breweries to open and serve alcohol.

The show host pointed out that the Breweries and Taverns the Governor made the exemptions can serve alcohol as long as they have food trucks.

It all seems very unscientific, the hosts pointed out.  “The media is taking it hook line and sinker,” McCrory said. “Can you imagine when I was Governor any reporter accepting this type of crazy story,” he said. “None of them asked about the strip clubs which we know are open after 11 can serve alcohol,” McCrory said.

“The lobbyist group for one group is stronger than the lobbyist group for another group,” McCrory said.

Are strip clubs a restaurant?  No media asked for any clarification.

“Strip clubs are still open after 11:00 because they have a buffet. They really are. This is a joke. The Media is a joke,” McCrory.



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