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Attacking Trump

Regardless of What You’ve heard, No One Has Won the Presidential Election Yet

The question on the minds of reasonably intelligent people is, was the 2020 presidential election a fair election?  By any measure the answer is no.

The Democrats had about 6 months to figure out how to steal a presidential election, and it wasn’t just with mail in ballots, though that was their super weapon of choice.  While Joe Biden stayed in his basement throughout the majority of the campaign season, Donald Trump was out building a lot of excitement by giving the American people a platform for what he wanted to do in a second term, which when you look at the long range of achievements from the first term, despite the never-ending, non-stop attacks by the Democrats, the deep state, the mainstream news media, social media, and foreign forces, were absolutely remarkable.

We now have evidence shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter being labeled as “misleading information” even when it’s plain as day.  The tech giants censored not only Trump supporters throughout the election, but the president himself.   And every time the tech tyrants get caught mislabeling information they always claim it was a mistake or a glitch.  Well, then how come mistakes and glitches always always against the president and never in his favor?  Never, ever, ever in Trump’s favor.

So, while Trump focused on the campaign, the Democrats focused on stealing an election, and steal it they did.  Despite news networks trying to convince you that they are the ones who decide who won elections, and that there is no evidence of election fraud, there is a mountain of evidence from all the key battleground states that election fraud the the Democrat’s master plan all along.  They knew they couldn’t beat Trump in a fair election, and in fact, they didn’t.  On Election Day it was clear that President Trump won, and the Democrat election machine began phase 2, which was the systematic whittling away of Trump leads in important states Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Nevada.  And they did so with blatant tactics to cover up what they were doing right before our very eyes.

Phase 1 of Election Day was to call states very early for Joe Biden to make it appear that he had all the momentum, while even though it was clear most of the Election evening that Trump won Florida very handily, the media never called it.  This was part of a blatant effort to get the American people to believe Biden was the clear winner, even though votes were still coming in.

Today is day 6 and votes are still being counted.  Those would be the ballots that arrived in the middle of the night through unofficial channels, like through the back door of a vote counting center with no signatures to prove chain of custody.  Wasn’t it interesting how several states, all at the same time Election Day evening, declared that they were going to stop counting for the night?  That’s never been done before with a single state, yet there were multiple states who made that call.  And then we discovered that they never stopped counting, and continued counting throughout the night, because just a few hours after calling it quits for the night we saw vote tallies in those states rapidly rise for Joe Biden.

Add to that confusion the fact that Republican observers were barred from being able to observe the vote counts, either not being given access to the counting centers, escorted out by armed guards, or in the case of one Michigan vote count center Democrats kicking observers out and then putting of sheets of cardboard over the windows so that the observers couldn’t even see inside from a distance.

All of that matters when you expect a fair and legal election, and the American people didn’t get one, despite the media claiming there’s no proof of election fraud.  They are asking us to disbelieve our own lying eyes.

But again, the media don’t call elections and not a single recount has yet begun and the challenges are being ignored.  That’s what happens when a Democrat machine involves government officials with the authority to ignore.

This has been mind-boggling and eye-popping to watch.  It’s something that happens in Cuba or Venezuela but not to the United States.  We saw things like 27,000 ballots just magically show up in the Philadelphia counting center and it was reported that 100 percent of the 27,000 ballots went to Joe Biden.  The Democrats didn’t even try to give the illusion that the ballots were fairly cast.  And they were added to the tally.  How many times was a transaction like that done in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin where Trump had the lead on Election Day only watch it shrink ever more with each ballot dump in the middle of the night?

What I can’t stand is how many Republicans are behaving in the aftermath of clear election irregularities, more than we’ve ever seen openly before.  The Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the mainstream news media, have for years told us that election fraud is not a real thing, that only very few outliers ever existed.  But we just witnessed the Democrat party machine in full force, so there’s that.

Republicans in the House and Senate did better than expected all because they were down-ballot of Donald Trump.  They should be out there demanding recounts and voter integrity and transparency.  They should be investigating the vote counting process and interviewing counters, and those in charge of counting centers and ask why in key battleground states were Republican observers forced outside or forced to stand over 30 feet away so that they couldn’t see anything that was going on?  They should ask why in Michigan a voting center covered up the windows of the vote counting center, so that Republican observers who were forced out of the center couldn’t even see inside.

These are not trivial matters.  For example, Sidney Powell appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s on Fox Business discussing how it’s now being reported that 450,000 ballots in key states only had a mark for Joe Biden.


How can any rational person believe that?  It is also mathematically impossible and it smacks of fraudsters moving quickly through thousands of ballots just to get Biden votes in.

And then there’s the new revelation that Democrat operatives were allowed to access Intelligence programs to divert digital votes away from Trump to Biden.

The Left are already calling for Trump to stand down for the good of the country and allow the fraudulent theft of the election to go on.  I say Trump fighting on against the massive cheating efforts is what’s good for the country.  Folks, if the Democrats get away with this, it will never end.  They will try to make mail in voting a permanent thing, and that’s how they will win election after election.  The Democrats will demand that Trump supporters forget all about the five years of non-stop attacks by Democrats in government, the media and social media.

One thing is certain in the face of the media, the Democrats and the Left claiming that Biden won the election is that as of this writing no one knows who won.  Our suspicions are that Trump won fair and square and that the Democrats tried to steal the win away from him, but make no mistake that calling the election for Biden is way to premature.

It’s not over until Lady Liberty sings.

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